Is It Safe To Eat Junk Foods While Pregnant?

No, it is not safe for both you and your developing baby. During pregnancy, most mothers can’t resist themselves away from eating unhealthy foods. According to the research, mothers who eat junk food during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to children with mental disorders.

Mothers who have cravings for junk food should have to make healthy food choices and control the cravings for the health of both unborn baby and mother.

Junk food and the mother

Safe To Eat Junk Foods While PregnantPregnant women can eat junk food in moderation just as during any other time in life. Occasionally eating a slice of pizza, chips, or burger will not harm you and your baby. The trouble comes into the picture when the mother totally survives by eating only junk food.

Though the junk food is packed with full of fat and extra calories, it will not provide any vitamins or nutrients to the mother and the developing baby. These unnecessary calories can cause you to gain excess weight and even lead to water retention.

So, note that healthy food during pregnancy is almost equal to a healthy baby after the delivery.

Junk food and the developing baby

  • A mother who eats more junk food during pregnancy may give birth to a child who also craves for junk food in his/her later life. Such children can be termed “junk food junkies”.
  • Overeating of junk foods can also cause child obesity in their later life. Child obesity is associated with increased risk of poor learning, depression, etc. Child behavioral problems like tantrums and aggression can also cause various effects on your child.
  • As junk foods lack protein, it can greatly interfere with proper development of the kidneys in the fetus. This condition can lead to renal diseases and high blood pressure during adulthood.
  • Also, your child is at risk of various diseases like high blood pressure, autism, cardiovascular disease and ADD.


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