Remedies to Fix Loose Skin After Pregnancy


loose skin after pregnancy After going through a number of changes during the nine long months of pregnancy, you’ve finally had your baby and you expect to get back to the shape and size you were, before conception. When you look at yourself, you may be disappointed to see that you still look pretty much the same, post delivery. This is because your body takes some time to get back to normal. Think it this way, as your body stretches and expands gradually through the stages of pregnancy, it will slowly get back to normal too.

You have been through a life-changing phenomenon recently and you should just let your body some rest to recuperate first. Skin which has stretched may appear loose around your stomach and hips. It can be frustrating to see the skin hanging loose and all wrinkly for new mothers. You may try to manage it with the help of skin care tips and home remedies.

Do not attempt to lose weight immediately

You may feel like you are ready kick start your weight loss journey already, but remind yourself that you are a new mom now and most importantly, you will need to nurse your newborn. Too much exercise too early after delivery, may lead to loss of muscle along with fat and this not good for you or your baby, as it can lead to decrease in milk supply. Muscle helps in giving your body, a toned look and skin firm. If you let your body to lose weight slowly, over time, it will help your skin to get its elasticity back. Otherwise, your skin tends to become loose.

Eat wholesome, nutritious meals

You may have already adopted a healthy way of eating during pregnancy and it is as important as earlier to continue the same even now. Remember that you will be breastfeeding your child and this entails that you eat healthy. It is not advisable to start dieting soon, as it can have many side effects and it’s specially not good for breastfeeding mothers. Do not count calories as it does no good and not helpful in anyway. Instead, focus on consuming veggies, fruits, protein and healthy fats. Try to stay away from junk, sugars and processed foods. When you eat balanced food, you have more chances of losing your weight slowly, in a healthy manner.

Exercise regularly

You may be super busy now with your baby, feeling exhausted all the time and on top of it, lack of sleep makes it even more worse, but it is advisable to start exercising moderately after consulting your doctor. Try and make time for yourself to get some exercise daily, as it helps in shedding the baby fat. This helps you deal with all the postpartum stress and keeps you active too. Just remember not to overdo it during this time.

Stay well hydrated

It is very important for breastfeeding mothers to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water also helps in keeping your skin tight. It helps to reduce loose skin and get back its elasticity.

The results may vary in different women and since this is a huge change in your life, you may not get back to your same shape and size as before. Don’t blindly believe the incredible postpartum weight loss stories of women as they are advertised. Your genes, eating habits, physical activities and other lifestyle habits all have a role in the weight loss journey after delivery.


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