Causes and Remedies of Lower back Pain in Early Pregnancy


Most pregnant women generally experience back pain in pregnancy, especially in their last trimester. However, it may start as early as 2-4 weeks after conception. This may also be considered as one of early pregnancy signs. Back pain is known to be mainly caused due to hormones and stress during early stages of pregnancy.

Since different women experience pregnancy symptoms differently, you must not compare your own symptoms with those of others. Because, this is not the same case with all pregnant women. Some may experience back pain in the last half, some may just have mild cramping and others may not have any sort of back pain throughout their pregnancy.

lower back pain in early pregnancy

Factors responsible for back pain in pregnancy

Hormonal effect

Soon after conception, your body starts preparations to take care of the baby for the upcoming nine months and delivery, by increasing the production of hormones. These are helpful in softening and relaxing the tissues and joints of pelvic area. This is necessary, because these ligaments will be stretching, as your pregnancy advances and also help with the delivery of the baby. While this is happening, you may experience its effect in the form of cramps. Hormones affect other joints as well, causing back pain in your first trimester.

Stress effect

Stress is common in pregnancy, as most women are trying to cope with the changes happening to their bodies and life. Stress is never good for you and if you are expecting, it could make things more hard for you. Stress is known to cause muscle soreness and this is true in case of non-pregnant women as well. In early pregnancy stage, the surge of hormones may already be causing joint and muscle cramping and when this is coupled with stress, you will experience backache.

As the belly expands with the growing months, some women may find it more discomforting. Your body’s centre of gravity shifts and this affects your movement and posture, leading to stiffness and pain in the back.

Remedies for relief

  • Posture is going to be very important during pregnancy in taking care of your back pain. Try to always sit upright or stand without slumping and relax your shoulders.
  • Standing continuously for long periods of time can contribute to back pain. Taking small breaks helps.
  • You should not carry heavy loads during pregnancy.
  • Remember not to bend at your waist directly to pick something up and instead, bend your knees first or squat.
  • When you sit, make sure your feet don’t hang down farther from the floor. Choose a comfortable seat which has foot support or let your feet rest comfortably on the ground.


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