Mouth Ulcers In Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Mouth ulcers are eruptions that look like small water bulges and mostly appear on the inner side of cheeks, lips and on tongue. Ulcers are not usually harmful, but they can be nasty and painful. In pregnancy, mouth ulcers are not a common occurrence, but some of you may be prone to them, because of a number of changes that take place during the initial months.

Mouth ulcers cause discomfort and can remain for a few days to a couple of weeks or more in specific cases, but apart from that, they usually go away without any serious threat to pregnancy.

mouth ulcers in pregnancy

Causes of Mouth Ulcers During Pregnancy

You must know that every woman relates to a different set of symptoms during pregnancy and not all of you may experience the same kind of ulcer problem. Here are some reasons that are suggestive of causing mouth sores when you are pregnant.

  • During pregnancy, a lot of changes are attributed to hormonal fluctuations and this may be one of the reasons for ulcers.
  • Stress during pregnancy is common and this can lead to ulcers.
  • Mood changes and emotional sensitivity can cause ulcers to show up.
  • Physical injury caused by tongue bite or harsh brushing may lead to ulcers.
  • Sensitivity to certain spicy or acidic food items may contribute to ulcer appearance.
  • Vitamin B12, iron and folate deficiency may also cause these sores.
  • Tobacco, tooth damage or weak immune system may be some other reasons for ulcer occurrence.


Learning about the symptoms helps in understanding the type of sore and the treatment to follow. You may get a single one or a group of three to four mouth ulcers at a time. Some of you may face recurrence issue. You may feel pain and sensation of burning, especially when eating. You may also feel uneasy to speak.


During pregnancy, if ulcers are just in the beginning stage and appear harmless, you may treat them using some time tested home remedies. If you find them to be recurrent or increasing in number, causing more discomfort, then it is better to seek doctor’s help and get the condition treated.

Home Treatment

  • Spicy food irritates the ulcers more, so reduce hot and acidic items such as fizzy drinks.
  • Put an end to tobacco use, as it is hazardous during pregnancy and further aggravates the ulcers.
  • Rinsing your mouth with salt water and ice cube application on the ulcers helps to ease pain.
  • Most importantly, it is necessary to stay well hydrated.

In case of severity, you may be prescribed a medicated gel or toothpaste for application on sores. Your doctor may prescribe vitamin supplements and suggest a healthy, nutritious diet to improve your health. Your ulcers may also need to be treated with the help of medications.


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