Postpartum Yoga and its Benefits for New Mothers


Postpartum yoga helps new mothers to regain energy, strength, and mental health while keeping stress and lethargy at bay. It is a low-impact version of yoga asanas for women after childbearing. Taking postnatal yoga classes has been proven to be beneficial in a number of ways for women.

You can begin postpartum yoga within a few weeks after having the baby. It depends on how your labor and delivery went and how quickly you want to get back to your workout routine. You can check with your doctor before starting. Even if you have been practicing prenatal yoga, it is better to consult your doctor to be on the safe side.

Why you should try postpartum yoga?

Once the baby arrives, your entire routine takes a turn. It gets hard to adjust to the new changes while taking care of a newborn. You may be struggling with sleep, barely having time for household chores, let alone finding time for yoga! All of these can take a toll on her body and mind. You will find that you are constantly out of energy and are close to losing your sanity in all the chaos. This is exactly why you should consider taking up postpartum yoga after childbirth. It is highly beneficial in helping you out with the new transition.

Postpartum Yoga

Your body definitely requires time to heal after delivery and postpartum yoga helps you with that and much more. You will feel better about yourself and take care of your baby too. One of your biggest concerns about losing baby fat after childbearing is also addressed with postpartum yoga.

Postpartum yoga benefits

  • Practicing yoga after childbirth helps fight postpartum depression. Studies show women who took up postpartum yoga carried low risks of developing PPD.
  • Postnatal yoga helps in decreasing blood pressure and suppressing anxiety and stress levels.
  • It is highly beneficial in strengthening your spine and joints.
  • It relaxes your mind and creates a sense of calm through meditation.
  • It boosts your energy levels.
  • Yoga helps with loosening muscle tension.
  • You are less likely to be irritable and angry with regular practice.
  • It helps in reducing the pressure exerted on the nervous system.
  • Yoga increases your endurance levels to hold your baby and breastfeed.
  • Postnatal yoga helps in healing the abdominal muscles which separate in pregnancy.
  • It helps build your stamina and keeps the hormonal balance in check.
  • Postpartum yoga helps in healing damaged cells and promoting new cell growth.
  • It helps mothers bond with their newborns easily and develops the confidence to handle them well.


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