Importance of Prenatal Yoga in Third Trimester


If you have been doing yoga all the months along in your first two trimesters, then your third trimester need not be any reason to stop it now. Though you may have grown considerably bigger and your movements feel awkward due to the loss of body balance, yoga is still highly recommended for you. Although not all of the previous poses, but you can do certain asanas in moderation. Do talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have before continuing with prenatal yoga.

Prenatal yoga benefits in third trimester

  • The different postures and exercises help the muscles become flexible, which really pays off during labor and delivery.
  • With the breathing exercises, your body increases oxygen intake, which is necessary for healthy development of your baby. Relaxation exercises also help keep stress at bay.
  • When you practice prenatal yoga or any exercise on a regular basis, your chances of recovery, healing and return to previous form after delivery are higher.

Asanas to perform during third trimester

Abdominal stretch

This involves lying on your back, hands behind your head, bending your knees with feet flat on the floor and then moving them on either sides for a few seconds. This pose helps relieve constipation and the spine gets good exercise too as stretch is applied on it.

Abdominal stretch Pose

Shoulder Rotation

This is an easy exercise which involves rotating your shoulder blades in circular motion, by placing your fingertips on the shoulder on your sides or in front of you for a few seconds. Switch from clockwise direction to anti-clockwise direction on both sides. This exercise helps improve blood circulation and get rid of neck stiffness.

Shoulder rotation Pose

Butterfly pose

First sit in a relaxing position on the ground with legs apart. Now bend and bring them close together, letting the feet touch each other. Placing your hands on the feet, move your knees up and down like wings for few seconds. If you are unable to touch the ground with your knees, it is fine.

Butterfly Pose

Baby sleeping posture

This is similar to the way a new born baby sleeps. Bend on your knees and hands on the floor and extend your knees out, while keeping your toes downwards. Place your hips slowly on the heels and support your head on a pillow. This pose helps strengthen your hips and back.

Baby sleeping posture

Half-butterfly pose

Sit down and bring your right knee close to your body in a bent position. Let the left leg be outstretched and touch your toes with your left hand. While placing your right hand on the knee, raise it up and down gently. This helps strengthen legs, hips and knees.

Half-Butterfly Pose

Garland pose

Standing with your legs apart and feet onto your sides, bend slowly into a crouching position. Adjust your legs accordingly and crouch all the way down. Then bring both hands together in front of your chest into a namaste. This pose helps in making your hips and joints flexible.

Garland pose

Image Credit: Parenting Tips


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