Causes and Symptoms of Stomach Pain During Pregnancy in the Second Trimester


Although some symptoms are common in most pregnancies, they may occur at different trimesters and may differ in intensity and frequency for each woman. As you enter the second trimester, your morning sickness, food aversion and exhaustion start to go away, but other symptoms start to show up, leaving you sore and uncomfortable.

Causes of stomach pain during second trimester

Pain is one of the negative attributes of pregnancy, which is obviously expected, but it is necessary to know when and what sort of abdominal pain is normal and when it’s not. Here are some of the causes of stomach pain during second trimester.

stomach pain during second trimester

Round ligament stretching

The increasing size of the uterus results in stretching of the round ligaments that surround and support it. This causes pain in the lower belly, which can be sudden or painful, mostly on one side of the abdomen. This pain may also radiate to hips and is often felt when you change positions or do any physical activity. This is common during second trimester and goes away within few seconds or minutes.

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

If you notice pain when urinating and /or burning sensation, you may have urine infection. Sometimes there maybe blood in urine or it maybe cloudy and foul-smelling. You should get these symptoms assessed right away, so that it does not become serious or interfere with the pregnancy later on.


If you experience pain in the upper abdominal region or swelling on your face, hands and feet, it could be a case of preeclampsia. Women with high blood pressure are more at risk of being diagnosed with preeclampsia during pregnancy. You may also have weakness and a blurry vision. Notify your doctor about the symptoms and seek appropriate treatment right away..


If you experience intense, one-sided pain, then it may be appendicitis. During pregnancy, because of the growing belly, the appendix moves a little higher up and you may experience pain in the upper right side of your stomach, instead of lower. This condition is serious and needs immediate medical treatment, otherwise it can be fatal to fetus and the expectant mother.

Premature labor

If you experience severe pain in your stomach, radiating to your lower back and there is a vaginal fluid discharge, it might be a sign of premature labor. Your pain due to contractions may not go away after resting and only grows worse with time. You should not delay if you notice these symptoms and reach the hospital as soon as possible.


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