Thyroid Problems and Pregnancy Symptoms


In case you are interested in the thyroid problems and pregnancy symptoms you should know that the thyroid is a gland located in the neck that produces hormones meant to regulate the metabolic rate. These hormones are important to regulate body temperature, energy and the use of minerals and vitamins.


It is rare to diagnose hypothyroidism during pregnancy because the affected women usually don’t ovulate. The truth is that it is difficult to diagnose the problem because the symptoms of pregnancy are hidden by the symptoms of the thyroid.

What to look out for?

thyroid problems and pregnancy symptomsWhen thinking about the signs of pregnancy and thyroid problems you should keep an eye out for fatigue, weight gain, poor concentration, and tingling and numbness in the hands and feet. If the problem isn’t diagnosed, it is possible for it to result in stillbirth or growth retardation of the fetus.


The sad truth about the thyroid problems and pregnancy symptoms is that the problem can lead to complications such as eclampsia, placental abruption, and anemia. The women who go through hormone replacement have high chances of being affected by hypothyroidism during their pregnancy.

Hyperthyroidism and pregnancy symptom

The chances of being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism during pregnancy are of 0.005%. In the majority of the cases, the problem is caused by Graves’ disease. Just as in the previous case, many symptoms of the problem mimic the pregnancy symptoms.


Nonetheless, it is possible for the thyroid problems and pregnancy symptoms to come with some new symptoms as well, such as weight loss, increased blood pressure or vomiting accompanied by a fast heart rate. If you notice symptoms of this kind, you should get tested.


In case you are faced with the pregnancy signs and thyroid problems you should know that the most common way of treating it id through using Propylthiouracil. This drug blocks the synthesis of the thyroid hormone to reach levels that are closer to the normal ones. The bad news is that in rare cases the drug can lead to malformation of the fetus if it is taken during the first trimester.

Although the thyroid problems and pregnancy symptoms may be scary, keep in mind that these are relatively rare and the chances for you to get affected by them are quite small so women shouldn’t be worried about them at the early stages.


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