Top 10 Fertility Foods for Women

You are what you eat, right? This means that if you would like to be fertile, you have to eat foods that increase fertility. As a result, you could be looking for the top 10 fertility foods for women.

Top 10 Fertility Foods for Women1. Red meat

Red meat is rich in iron and it can increase fertility through supporting the ovulation process. Iron will increase the number of red blood cells so you won’t have any problems with anemia.

2. Nuts

Another one of the best 10 fertility foods for women is nuts. These are high in vitamin E and they protect the embryo against miscarriages.

3. Oysters

Although this might not be your favorite food, you should consider having it for fertility. They are rich in zinc and they help with healthy ovulation.

4. Baked potatoes

This is one of the top 10 fertility foods for women because they are high in vitamin B. This, along with vitamin E enhance cell division and so the chances of having good quality eggs increases, thus increasing your chances of a normal pregnancy.

5. Bone Broth

This one of the 10 fertility foods for women that are the best is, in fact, chicken soup made with the bones. It is best if you add some vinegar as well so that the nutrients from the bone will come out, directly into the broth.

6. Liver

The liver is also important for fertility, especially in case of the animals that were fed with grass. If you have liver once per month offers the same amount of nutrients as if you had red meat on a daily basis.

7. Cod liver oil

If you decided to have only one of the top 10 fertility foods for women, this should be the one. This is because it is high in vitamin D along with other nutrients.

8. Kefir

This food is important because of all the bacteria that can be found in it. The good thing about the kefir is that the bacteria don’t leave the body, but it goes on fighting the bad bacteria.

9. Lacto-fermented vegetables

When it comes to the 10 best fertility foods for women, you should make sure to give these foods a shot. They can do more for you than you could ever imagine.

10. Nettles tea

This one of the top 10 fertility foods for women supports adrenals and it helps the body to build blood.


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