5 Easy and Natural Ways to Cure Insomnia during Pregnancy


Between normal life stress and preparing for giving birth to a new life in a few months, really it is not much surprising that you have sleeping trouble. But unluckily most of the women are experiencing insomnia during pregnancy, which has become a quite common phenomenon. Usually, women who are pregnant may have some amount of insomnia. The basic reason behind insomnia during pregnancy is fluctuating hormone levels, which takes place during the pregnancy. For some women, these abnormal changes tend to make feeling fatigued or feeling tired. Increased progesterone levels can cause as the natural sedative. Sometimes continued tiredness can lead to changes in sleep patterns of pregnant women during their first trimester.

Insomnia during PregnancyDo not worry much about this trouble. If you take proper precautions, it won’t harm you and your baby, and it is quite common in pregnancy period. Here are several natural ways to cure insomnia in pregnant women:

Work Flexibly: Adjust your working hours, or work from home for 1 day each week. Seek help from partner or family members, and find time to sleep.

Have a nap in the daytime: Daytime napping is one of the best ways to cure insomnia during pregnancy. If you have time, then try to sleep in the daytime. This can help you to top up on sleep, which you lost in the night time. If you are living at home in the day time with young children, try to sleep while they have their sleep. Get away from the desk in lunchtime, if you are a working woman.

Avoid Too Heavy Food: Eating a lot or full meals at bed time can disturb your sleep. Drink a glass of warm milk while going to bed. This will be very helpful to get sleep, since it contains amino acid tryptophan, which increases the serotonin levels in the brain and makes it easier to get sleep.

Sleep Comfortably: Choose your most comfortable sleep position. Usually, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is turning to left, which will not burden the fetal organs by weight, and also naturally optimizes the oxygen flow in the blood.

Herbal Remedies: Using herbal remedies is one of the best ways to cure insomnia during pregnancy. These herbal remedies usually contain valerian, passiflora, and valerian and Humulus lupulus. But check with your doctor before using these, as some herbal remedies usage may cause problems with usual medications recommended by a physician.

Simply break your busy daily activities. If you a get chance to rest, use it to get enough rest.


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