What is a Doula and What is the Importance of Doula in Pregnancy?

You may have been hearing the word doula a lot these days. A doula is a professional who can support you physically and emotionally during labor and delivery. Doulas do not have medical experience related to childbirth, but they are trained to offer necessary information, strength and help in pregnancy, during birth and after delivery.

Doulas can offer services for two types of requirements. They can be hired as a birth doula or postpartum doula.

  • Birth doula – Stays with you throughout the labor and delivery phase, providing necessary care.
  • Postpartum doula – Helps take care of the new mother and baby during the first few weeks postpartum. Also helps in managing household chores and other children.

Doulas are being recommended by a number of people nowadays. This is because most people are choosing to go with the non-medicated birth process. It is apparent even on social media, where celebrity moms are educating people on how to have safe home births naturally. This is where a doula comes to picture. If you decide to have a home birth, a doula can be very helpful. They keep you positive and help in dealing with pain management during labor and delivery.

You may still consider having a doula, if you choose the hospital birth also. They help in preparing you mentally and physically for your labor and childbirth. You can meet them in your early pregnancy or mid way to get to know each other.

what is a doula in pregnancy

What a doula can do before birth

  • Educate you about the entire process of childbirth, including possible complications
  • Clear your doubts regarding birthing options
  • Teach you breathing techniques
  • Guide you in making your birth plan.

What a doula can do during delivery

  • Provide continuous support and keeps you positive
  • May offer massage to make you comfortable
  • Ensures you are hydrated and getting necessary nutrition.
  • Guides the father-to-be on how he can be helpful
  • Lets the medical professionals know about your preferences
  • Assists you in finding comfortable positions

What a doula can do after delivery

  • Help the new mom in taking care of her newborn
  • Explain and help the dad in taking care of the newborn
  • Show siblings on how they can help with the baby
  • Ensure you are eating and resting well
  • Help with breastfeeding the baby
  • Take care of household chores for a few weeks while you recover


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