What Pains are Considered Normal during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is such a phase where you will find some women sailing smoothly through, while others staying constantly on tenterhooks. Making yourself knowledgeable regarding the common and uncommon symptoms is necessary, so you know when to seek help and when to sit back and chill.

what kind of pain is normal during pregnancy

You may experience different levels of bodily aches and cramps at some or the other point in your pregnancy cycle. Sometimes severe pain, coupled with other symptoms may be a reason to worry, but most other times it may be normal and harmless.

Knowing what pains are normal

Early cramps

In the early pregnancy stage, you may experience mild cramping abdominal twinges. This is caused because of the expanding womb and round ligament stretching. Since this begins to occur in the first trimester itself, most women worry they might have a miscarriage. These cramps are common and continue to show up, now and then during your pregnancy term. In case if the cramps are severe and growing, coupled with spotting, you should consult your doctor at the earliest.

Breast changes

Your breasts start growing in size, as the milk ducts and fat cells enlarge. This is an obvious preparation to provide for the baby with nature’s wonder food, mother’s milk after birth. You may experience tightness and tenderness of breasts during the first and last trimester. This can be very discomforting, but common in pregnancy.

Gas and bloating

As the hormones go in overdrive mode when you are pregnant, they may slow down digestion process by relaxing the intestinal muscles. This can lead to bloated feeling and constipation, which can hurt your abdomen. Gas and constipation related pain can be easily dealt, by making changes in eating habits and being more mobile.

False labor

Some moms-to-be may experience Braxton Hicks contractions when they enter their second trimester. These are aptly named practice pains, as they occur before you reach your full term and are meant for you to prepare for the final labor. These are short contractions, that occur irregularly. The pain and tightening of abdomen can be so severe sometimes, that you may be jolted awake from your sleep or feel overwhelmed, but they are considered normal and go away when you relax. Know how to differentiate between true and false labor.

Body aches

The expanding belly shifts your posture and body balance, as you move closer to your due date. This can cause a host of body pains including back pain, leg cramps and hip pain. You may find it difficult to sleep with all these cramps, but there are remedies to give you some relief. Some women may also suffer from headaches, but it is better to consult your doctor before taking any medication on your own, because whatever you take can have an impact your growing fetus.


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