What All Need to be Avoided During the 9th Month of Pregnancy


As you approach ninth month of pregnancy, anticipation and excitement soar high. You’ve made it this far and can’t wait to meet your soon-to-be born baby. So far, you have been doing well, but may still have some doubts regarding the dos and don’ts. Most first time expectant women feel confused too. Find out what are considered to be best avoided during the last month of pregnancy.

what should be avoided during ninth month of pregnancy

Things to avoid

Not exercising

Some women avoid exercising around this time, thinking it may be risky. It’s not a good idea to discontinue your regular physical activity, unless asked to, by your doctor. Walking, pelvic floor strengthening exercises, yoga, jogging are all considered good during pregnancy. Following a regular physical activity helps you stay fit and prepares your body better for labor.

Wrong sleeping position

At this stage, your belly grows quite large. The weight of the uterus can add pressure on the nerves and it can get uncomfortable to sleep, but it is not recommended to sleep on your back or right. Doing so, may cause compression of nerves, restricting blood flow to the uterus. It is best to avoid taking risk and sleeping on the left side. Learn more about why you should sleep on your left during last trimester.

Sleeping less

Proper rest is highly necessary for pregnant women, especially in the third trimester. Some expectant mothers start losing sleep, trying to get bulk work done, in anticipation of busier days with baby. Compromising on sleep can take a toll on your health and especially now is not the time to sleep less and less.

Eating what you crave

Sometimes, you may be mislead by other people’s advice on eating whatever you want, because you are eating for two. You may have strange pregnancy cravings, but it’s not a good idea to give in to them. It is important to eat healthy, smaller meals throughout the day, to avoid over eating unnecessary carbs and sugars, which the body craves, when too hungry.

Eating less

Eating too much or too little can have adverse effects on you and your growing baby. Some women avoid eating enough, when their increasing weight starts becoming a concern. You should keep in mind that, gaining certain weight is necessary for the healthy progression of pregnancy. By choosing to eat less, you may miss out on the necessary nutrients required for your body and the fetus; leading to deficiencies. Try to avoid salty, sugary, processed food and beverages to steer clear of unhealthy weight gain in the long run.

Wrong footwear

In the ninth month, your grown belly moves forward, adding weight on your back. So, it is important that you choose the right footwear, to deal with body balance problem. It is better to go with comfortable, flat footwear which may avoid any accidents.


You may think now is the time to take off on holidays, as you may not have time for yourself after the baby arrives, but it is not worth the risk. Baby maybe ready to arrive anytime and so, you better be prepared well.


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