What to Expect in 12-Week Ultrasound Scan


Ultrasound scans are perhaps, the most anticipated screening tests by pregnant women. You get to see the images of your baby, while in developmental stage on the monitor, while the doctor or technician probes over your belly.

Scanning not only offers a glimpse of your baby before their arrival into the world, but it is also recommended to check other important considerations as well. Of course, the scanned images of babies are treasured by most parents, they are also helpful in assessing the health of your uterus, fetus and birthing complications.

12-week ultrasound explained

Ultrasound scan is considered safe in pregnancy, as it uses sound waves to capture the images of your baby.

What does a 12 week ultrasound scan reveal?

In majority of cases, the results of this scan are totally normal. But, sometimes any changes can indicate a potential health risk for the baby or the mother and it is necessary to diagnose it early. With the help of this scan, doctor will be able to –

  • Calculate your due date
  • Check the progress of your baby
  • Check the heartbeat of the baby
  • Look for any physical abnormalities
  • Check if your ovaries and uterus are healthy and not causing any issues in pregnancy
  • Check the positioning of the placenta and umbilical cord
  • Check if there is sufficient amount of amniotic fluid in the uterus

The scan also helps in measuring

  • Nasal bone of the baby
  • Nuchal translucency, which is the back of baby’s neck. If this is of average thickness, it helps in ruling out health issues such as Down syndrome, which is very rare.

By the end of 12 weeks, your baby is almost fully formed. All her features are mostly developed and from here onwards, the focus is on the growth and functioning of the organ systems. Find out more about 12 week progress here. It is not possible to find the gender of your baby at this stage, as it is too early to identify. You will probably know about it the next time you go for your scan.


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