Missing your Baby Bump after Delivery? What are the Reasons?


It may seem strange, but some women start missing their baby bump soon after delivery. Most women usually struggle hard to cope with the changes during pregnancy and when the time is close, they can’t wait anymore to have the baby. To others, it’s the opposite case. They seem to be sailing through the pregnancy phase without any complaints and actually enjoy it. When it’s over, they truly miss the bump and everything related to being pregnant.

missing your bump

Pregnancy can be overwhelming to many, but some women do not experience any distressing symptoms and embrace the physical changes happily. Here are some of the reasons why some women might miss their pregnancy bump.

Reasons for missing your bump

Difficulty in adopting the change

You may have gotten used to being pregnant, as it has been a nine long months journey. You may have had a routine established all these days and followed it diligently. Your baby is finally here, but you suddenly find yourself in a different world altogether and start missing those belly days.

Diet and weight are not discussed around

You would have loved the time when no one around you discussed about latest diets or weight issues. It was a time when you enjoyed your meals that were considered enriching for your baby’s development. You also got to eat what you fancied, because pregnancy cravings, duh! Growing belly was actually a good sign in pregnancy and the size of other body parts didn’t matter in comparison!

You had the pregnancy glow

You might surely long for the glowing skin and shiny, healthy hair you had throughout the pregnancy. Maybe it was because of the prenatal vitamins or hormones or pregnancy magic itself, that made you glow from the inside out! Now after delivery, shedding phase starts for many women, which can be saddening and this will make you miss those golden days.

You miss the special treatment

Throughout your pregnancy, you may have had a lot of people fussing around you, helping you with the chores, offering you seats, discussing about the various changes and politely giving their tips or lending a hand to help make it better for you. You would have loved all the attention showered on you and you miss all of it, because now, the focus is shifted to the baby.

Feeling little one’s movements

This is one thing most women are definitely going to miss about being pregnant. Your baby’s kicks, movements and the fluttering similar to butterflies in the stomach feeling.

Pregnancy fuelled energy

Some women may experience a spike in their energy levels and find themselves active and positive during their pregnancy period. This may be because of the changes in hormones. When you find yourself a bit down after delivery, no wonder you will miss those enthusiastic days.


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