2 Months Pregnant


— The HCG levels will rise to the peak!

When you are 2 months pregnant, it will give you the feeling of being pregnant. There is a rapid increase in your HCG levels, and in the middle of pregnancy, month 2, these levels will decrease. The placenta starts the production of estradiol and progesterone hormone.

2 Months PregnantThese hormonal fluctuations lead to several changes in you and your baby. The experience of 2 months pregnant is crucial as it brings the first physical signs of pregnancy. Until this point, you may not have even realized you were pregnant, but there are some unmistakable signs by now. Though the symptoms may not be clear to others, they are noticeable to you.

If you have missed your period, it is time to make a prenatal appointment with your obstetrician. Early prenatal care is very important to ensure your baby’s healthy growth and development. Even you haven’t made an appointment with your doctor, you should start taking prenatal vitamins from the time you are trying to conceive. Prenatal vitamins are essential to get the necessary nutrients required for healthy growth and development and prevent any kind of birth defects like spina bifida.

Making proper lifestyle changes is also necessary once you know that you are pregnant, such as quitting smoking and alcohol consumption, as they are extremely harmful to the fetus.

What happens to you when you are 2 months pregnant?

2 months pregnant

When you are two months pregnant, you may notice various changes in your body. Here are the most common symptoms during pregnancy month 2:

Frequent urination

The pressure of the growing uterus and a heightened metabolic rate can cause an urge to urinate more frequently. Increased progesterone hormone levels that ensure staying pregnant may relax smooth muscles and the muscles in the urinary tract.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is nothing but nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Morning sickness can strike at any time of the day. Though there is no precise reason behind this cause, rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels and hormone levels can cause this distressing pregnancy symptom. About 50% of all pregnant women may experience this condition.

Breast soreness

During pregnancy, the growth and development of mammary glands can make the adjacent area sensitive to touch or sore. Your breasts may look fuller and are tender to touch. Sometimes, it will be painful even to wear a bra. The structural architecture of your breasts changes all through the pregnancy. Pain and the sensitivity you feel at two months pregnant may continue to the remaining months. Nipples become darker, and the capillaries are more visible due to the translucent skin.

Vaginal discharge

During pregnancy, a woman’s cervix releases fluids that aid in keeping the vaginal canal clean and infection-free. Changes in acid levels of the vagina and increased moisture can cause the area to be more susceptible to yeast infection. Also, the increased moisture can make the perineum skin brittle and more susceptible to tear at the time of childbirth.

Increased fatigue

During pregnancy, your metabolism rate increases significantly as there is a significant need for energy levels both for you and your baby. In addition to this, changing hormone levels are also highly demanding. All these can make you tired during early and also in late pregnancy.


During pregnancy, there is a significant increase in your blood volume levels. Higher progesterone levels during pregnancy can relax the blood vessels to prevent high blood pressure. Those relaxed blood vessels can slow down the circulation to the brain so that you may feel faintness when you suddenly stand up.

What happens with your baby when you are 2 months pregnant?

By the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy, your baby is about the size of 1 inch long and 0.1 oz. Weight.

Internal organs – essential for baby’s development

When you are 2 months pregnant, the baby’s internal organs will continue their development, and also, there is the development of other major structures of the baby’s body. By month 2, all the major organs are present by the end of pregnancy. Also, there is a persistent growth and development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord.

Visible parts of the body – Arms and legs development

Baby’s arms and legs will begin as small buds from the body, and during pregnancy month 2, they start to lengthen. Fingers and toe buds start to develop at the end of the legs and arms.

Head development

The facial features of the baby start to develop this month. The eyes and ears will begin to form during this month. Initially, these parts appear as black spots, and gradually they attain the shape of eyes and ears. But the hearing and visible senses are still not developed. Even the eyes are completely developed; the baby doesn’t open the eyes until a certain period. Tooth buds also start developing.

What are the physical changes that occur in a 2 months pregnant woman?

When you are 2 months pregnant, though there are only slight visible changes in your physical appearance, such as your breasts may slightly grow in size, darkening the areola, and feeling breast tenderness.

Rather than outer body changes, pregnancy month 2 is mainly about the changes happening inside the body. Your body is busy producing hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, essential for proper baby development.

The growing uterus puts great pressure on your bladder, thus causing an urge to urinate frequently. Some women may have an increase in appetite and some odd food cravings. There is no need to worry even you don’t experience any of these symptoms. Each pregnancy is different, so pregnancy symptoms experienced by one woman are very much different from another. All these are quite normal symptoms, and most of the symptoms will subside when you enter into the second trimester.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, you may lose or gain weight when you are 2 months pregnant. So, don’t worry, even you lose weight during this period.

What care should be taken by a 2 months pregnant woman?

Though the 2nd month of pregnancy can be an exciting time, you may feel quite uncomfortable and somewhat unsettling. You may feel apprehensive or frightened about the changes happening inside the body.

Consult your doctor

When you miss the period, make a doctor’s appointment to check whether you are conceived or not. During your doctor’s visit, there will be a general physical checkup and specific tests such as blood type, urine test, blood sugar, blood pressure, general kidney, liver analysis, ultrasound, and antibodies.

Monitor your diet

Healthy eating is very much essential when you are 2 months pregnant. Avoid heartburn triggers, such as tomatoes, tomato-based products, juices, citrus fruits, mint products, fried foods, high-fat foods, vinegar, and mustard. Setting a meal schedule, drinking plenty of water, and eating a high fiber diet is essential to avoid constipation and other pregnancy complications.

Daily workouts

Workouts during pregnancy can keep you active and stress-free. Undergoing prenatal yoga and meditation classes can really benefit you and your developing baby. A daily workout routine can help maintain consistent weight gain and reduce the chances of pregnancy complications.


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