Baby Development Month by Month in the Womb


Are you excited to know how your baby develops and grows every month during your 40 week pregnancy period? Let’s have a look at what is happening inside your womb during pregnancy.

Baby Development Month by Month

Month one of pregnancy:

The water-tight sac, also called as amniotic sac starts to form around the fertilized egg that helps to cushion the developing embryo throughout the pregnancy. The embryo will split into two parts. One is the placenta that transfers nutrients and oxygen from mother to growing baby and wastes from baby begins to develop.

The other is the developing and growing embryo itself. Your baby’s mouth, throat, lower jaw, heart, backbone, digestive system, and spinal cord start to develop. Even blood cells take a shape and circulation begins. At the end of the first month of your pregnancy, your baby will be around 6-7mm in size.

Month two of pregnancy:

During week 5, your little one starts to develop facial features, arms, and even legs. Each ear starts as a fold of skin at the sides of the head. Eyes and finger toes also begin to develop during the second month of pregnancy. Baby’s spinal cord, brain, and other neural tissues of the central nervous system that form neural tubes are well developed. Cartilage is replaced by bone and sense organs start to form.

The embryo starts to move but the mother cannot yet feel it. By the end of month two of pregnancy, your baby now called fetus will be around 2.5cm long and weighs about 1/3 ounce.

Month three of pregnancy:

Your baby is completely formed by the end of 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Now your baby can have hands, arms and fingers, toes, feet, and even open or close its mouth and fists. External ears are formed fully and toenails and fingernails start to develop. The beginnings of teeth are developing. The urinary and circulatory systems start working and the liver releases bile.

Your baby also develops its reproductive organs but it is difficult to distinguish the baby’s gender through ultrasound. By the end of 12 weeks of your pregnancy, the baby will be about 7.6-10 cm long and weighs around 1 ounce. [Three Months Pregnant Symptoms]

Month four of pregnancy:

During the second trimester of pregnancy-month 4, 5, and 6 your baby’s toes and fingers are well defined. Baby is forming his reflexes like swallowing and sucking or may start sucking his thumb. Sweat glands and tooth buds are developing on soles and palms. Baby’s skin is transparent, bright pink, and covered with downy, soft hair. The nervous system starts to function at this point. By the end of 16 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby weight will be 4 ounces and 6 inches long. [Four Months Pregnant Symptoms]

Month five of pregnancy:

Your baby’s inner ear starts to function and can detect the sounds outside and inside the womb. Mother can feel flutters in the stomach as the baby’s fetal movements become smoother. The first move by the baby that you feel is called quickening.

Hair growth begins on the baby’s head and soft fine hair, called lanugo covers the baby’s back, shoulders, and temples. Vernix caseosa, a whitish coating that is covered over the baby’s skin which is cheesy in nature protects the baby from his or her long exposure to amniotic fluid. At the end of month five of pregnancy, the baby can weigh from ½ to 1 pound and will be about 10 inches long.

Month six of pregnancy:

During six months of pregnancy, your little one weighs almost 2 pounds now. He or she already begins practicing walking by cycling his or her feet and starts kicking you sometimes that happens right in the cervix. Now your baby has fully developed a strong grip at this point and he can close and open his eyes in response to light. Hiccups are common at this stage as your little baby practices swallowing and the mother can feel throughout the day. His or her vocal cords are fully functional. Your baby’s weight can be expected up to 2 pounds and 10 inches long.

Month seven of pregnancy:

Now your little one has fully developed his audible senses and can change his or her positions very often even gives response to stimuli that include pain, sound, and light. During the seventh month, your baby starts to trade in his or her wrinkled, skinny appearance.

He begins to put on body fats not only to look cute in baby pictures but also needed to regulate body temperature and give energy deposits even after birth. Will your little one be creative or quiet? As your baby’s brain starts to develop as well as his personality too. You may also nourish your wishes or dreams of your baby right now by taking proper nutrition. Now your little one can weigh from 2-4 pounds and 36cm long.

Month Eight of Pregnancy:

Your dear baby who now weighs around 5 pounds and 46cm long continues to mature. You can also notice your baby’s kicks very often. Most of the internal organs are developed and at this point, he can hear and see as the brain starts growing rapidly. However, the lungs still remain immature. [Eight Months Pregnant Symptoms]

Month nine of pregnancy:

At last, you are going to meet your daughter or son soon! Your little one’s rapid growth or development is going to end in week 36 and is now considered full term. Now your baby weight is around 7 pounds and 46-51 cm long. [Nine Months Pregnant Symptoms]

Your baby is fully developed now and can even survive out of the mother’s womb. Lungs are mature. Baby’s reflexes can coordinate so that he or she will be able to blink, turn the head, close the eyes, grasp firmly, and even respond to light, touch, and sound. Baby positions down into the pelvis that is facing his head down towards the birth canal. At this point in time, your baby is ready to come outside.

The Big Day, you are waiting for is here and get ready to meet your little one!!!


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