How to Find Relief from Back Pain in Pregnancy while Sleeping


As your belly increases in size, it shifts your pelvis forward, causing you to lean backwards. This body posture forms a curve like gap in your lower back, leading to backache during pregnancy. Some women may suffer from severe case of back pain, while others may not experience it at all. Pregnancy can be discomforting in some ways, but it doesn’t have to be so painful. There are ways to deal with back pain during pregnancy.

It can be as simple as correcting your posture and sleeping in the right position to find relief. Sleep is a way of restoring and healing your body. You know you will feel much better by catching some much needed sleep after a long, tiring day. Sleep is even more important during pregnancy and you should ensure that you sleep for at least seven hours daily.

how to relieve back pain during pregnancy while sleeping

As you advance into third trimester, you will find that sleeping can be such a hassle. Find out how to make yourself comfortable when sleeping here.

Sleeping right to reduce backache

  • Use a firm, standard mattress that provides support to your back muscles. This helps in alleviating back pain. If you have a soft or droopy mattress, try placing a wooden board underneath it, to make it firm.
  • It is helpful to follow a strict schedule everyday. Eat at least two hours before going to bed. This helps in better digestion and reducing gas and heartburn which may affect your sleep. Avoid screen time before bedtime, because bright light stimulates your eyes and it can be harder to fall asleep.
  • Keep your bedroom noise free and dark. Use your bed only for relaxing and sleeping.
  • Doctors recommend sleeping on your left side during your last trimester. Sleeping on your back or right side may restrict blood flow to the uterus. Know more about why you need to sleep on your left here. Sleeping on the side is also helpful in reducing back pain.
  • You may use pillows in between your knees, onto your side as support. You may place a pillow or a folded soft towel along the length of your back. A pillow under your lower abdomen and knees also helps in decreasing backache and improving your sleep.
  • As you lie on your side, you may place a folded towel or blanket behind your lower  back, where there is curve like gap to provide support and reduce back pain.


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