16 weeks pregnant baby position


If you are thinking about the position of the baby at 16 weeks pregnant you should know that the little one is growing by the minute.

Now he or she is of about 5 inches long and he or she weighs about 2 ounces. This is the time when the baby is preparing for another growth spurt.

What should you know

position of baby at 16 weeks pregnantIt is interesting to know that at this stage the head of the baby is more erect than before. This is because the neck of the baby has elongated and the muscles all got to their right places, allowing the baby to have a more natural position than before.

When it comes to the 16th pregnancy week baby position the parents should also know that the baby finally looks like a normal human. The ears and eyes get to their right position so that the little one doesn’t look like an alien anymore.

What’s going on, on the inside?

One of the most interesting things about the position of the baby at 16 weeks pregnant is that the more complicated processes of the baby’s body start to work. This means that the circulatory system of the baby begins to function along with the urinary system.

Believe it or not regarding the 16th week of pregnancy and baby position, at this time the heart of the little one pumps about 25 quarts of blood. By the end of your pregnancy, the amount of blood pumped will increase to about 19,000 quarts per day.

The doctor’s appointment

To make sure that everything’s alright with the position of the baby at 16 weeks pregnant, there are some tests that you should be thinking about. You should have an ultrasound that shows the technician the physical position and movement of the baby.

In case you are thinking about the position of the baby during the 16th week of pregnancy you might also want to have an amniocentesis. Although this test has some risks, it also tells you a lot regarding the health of the baby.

The truth is that there is no reason for the parents to worry about the position of the baby at 16 weeks pregnant because it is still very early. The baby’s position will change a lot in the following weeks, not to mention all the movements that the baby will make before birth.


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