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Breast and Nipple Changes During Pregnancy

Breast changes are common during pregnancy because they need to get prepared for breastfeeding after the delivery. Usually, you will observe these changes within 2-4 weeks after conception. If you are very eager to know about how the breast and nipple undergo changes during pregnancy, here is the month-by-month guide. This article will give you information about how the breasts change for each month throughout your pregnancy:

Breast and Nipple Changes During Pregnancy1-month pregnant breast changes:

Generally, breast changes start two to four weeks after conceiving a baby. Few women notice tender breasts immediately after they are conceived. You may notice these changes down the sides of the breasts. After you have conceived, there will be an increased blood supply to the breasts, which causes pricking and tingling sensation around the nipples. Change in your body temperature is also a reason for tingling breasts. Wearing a good supportive bra can avoid the discomfort to some extent.

2 months pregnant breast changes:

During this month, nipples will become much more prominent. The area around the nipples will become much darker due to the increase of natural pigmentation. You may feel a little uncomfortable with the increased breast size and also their fullness. All these changes are mainly due to the continued hormonal drift in the hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and placental lactogen. These hormones encourage the fat deposition and the growth of milk ducts.

3 months pregnant breast changes:

This month, areola becomes even darker and increases in its diameter and turns more erectile. Women with a dark complexion and dark hair will observe more changes than women fair complexion and red or blonde hair. This month, you will also notice the appearance of the secondary areola, which is in a light color. Breast tenderness will continue this month and with this month, you have passed through the period of major breast growth. Now, this is the right time to buy a good supportive bra.

4 months pregnant breast changes:

Increased blood circulation will make your breasts fuller and heavier. The areola becomes even more pigmented and little speckled. You may also notice patches on the breasts and some which appear dark and some appear light. Though this darkening will fade after the birth, it won’t disappear entirely.

5 months pregnant breast changes:

Enlargement of areolas continues this month and the glandular tissues undergo even more changes. This month, special milk-producing cells will start to develop in the alveoli sacs. During this period, you may also notice light bleeding from the nipple, which is due to the increased blood supply. Also, you will notice a further extension of the secondary areola. This month, you may notice a slight decrease in breast tenderness. Some women may notice lumps in their breasts, but most of the pregnancy breast lumps are benign. You will observe stretch marks especially underneath of the breasts. This is because of the tearing of collagen beneath the skin to accommodate the growing breast size.

6 months pregnant breast changes:

From this month onwards, there will be a second major growth period in your breasts. The size of the breasts even increases this month. Avoid wearing underwire bras as they may restrict the blood supply and crush the growing mild ducts.

7 months pregnant breast changes:

From this month onwards, you may notice leakage of colostrums from your breasts occasionally such as during intercourse, while bathing, etc. Even though you won’t notice any leakage, it is completely normal. With this month, you will have sufficiently developed breasts that can produce the milk. During this period, some women may notice the underlying blood vessels. Dilation of milk ducts starts with this month.

8 months pregnant breast changes:

This month, you may notice more prominent nipples with the increased production of progesterone hormone. Some women may have sweat rash on their breasts. In case it is the case with you, make sure that you wear a good supportive bra and you can even apply powder in those areas.

9 months pregnant breast changes:

You are in the last month of your pregnancy, so this is the perfect time to buy a good nursing bra. By this month, your breasts are well developed to support breastfeeding.

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