10 Most Common First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms


Early pregnancy period is the most exciting time for every pregnant woman. There are various pregnancy symptoms that you may experience from sore breasts to bloating and food cravings. Don’t be shy to express your food cravings. Here are the most common first-trimester pregnancy symptoms that all most all the women may experience:

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms1. Sore breasts: Breast soreness and nipple soreness is one of the most common first-trimester pregnancy symptoms that you may experience. The result of rapid hormonal changes can cause sore breasts.

2. Morning sickness: 85% of pregnant women may experience morning sickness. It is the condition that makes your life more difficult to manage. Morning sickness seems to improve by the end of the first trimester.

3. Food cravings: Food cravings are among the most common first-trimester pregnancy symptoms. Generally, women experience intense food cravings during the first and last trimester. This is mainly due to the hormonal changes and the body’s need for extra nutrition for healthy growth of the baby.

4. Spotting: Some women may notice light bleeding, usually 5-10 days after conception, which is called as implantation bleeding. Spotting is an indication that the embryo is implanted inside the uterine wall.

5. Heart burn and acid reflux: The production of progesterone hormone during pregnancy can relax the muscles to prepare your body for labor and birth. This can cause indigestion, heart burn and acid reflux. Most pregnant women experience this problem during the night while lying on the bed. Usually, it begins in the first trimester and becomes intense during the third trimester when the growing baby pushes against the stomach.

6. Frequent urination: Partly it is due to hormones and also the pressure that the growing baby puts on the bladder. Usually, these first-trimester pregnancy symptoms start when you are at the end of pregnancy month 3.

7. Pimples: Rapid hormonal changes can cause various effects on your body including your skin. Some women may experience full-blown acne attack, particularly on the face and back. Hormonal pimples are more likely to appear during the first trimester.

8. Linea nigra: When you are almost at the end of pregnancy first trimester, you may notice a dark line running from the belly button to the pubic bone, which is called as lineanigra. This line continues becoming dark with your pregnancy progression.

9. Fatigue: Hormonal changes and your body’s effort in preparation towards the growing fetus can cause exhaustion. Your doctor will tell you tips to avoid first-trimester fatigue.

10. Bloating: Increased progesterone hormone levels during pregnancy can cause most women to swell up during the early pregnancy. If you notice excessive swelling, you should immediately consult your doctor.


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