10 Most Distressing Effects Of Pregnancy Hormones Third Trimester


The third trimester of pregnancy may be emotionally as well as physically challenging. The third trimester will begin in 27 weeks and finishes with the birth of your baby.  Pregnant women during the third trimester may experience many physical and emotional discomforts like back pain, pelvic pain, skin concerns, shortness of breath, heart burn, frequent urination, mood swings, baby blues, swelling, and vaginal discharge.

Pregnancy Hormones Third Trimester

1. Back pain:

Your baby continues to put on weight and your pregnancy hormones third trimester can loosen up your joints between the bone tissues in your pelvic region. These changes can be tough on your back and cause severe back pain in some pregnant women. If the back pain will not go away, contact your health care provider.

2. Pelvic pain:

Pelvic pain is a pain within the pelvic joints that produce during the third trimester. Pelvic pain caused by elevated pressure on your pelvis as a result of the development of the baby as well as hormonal progressions which may increase the strain on the pelvic joints making the joints aroused and painful.

3. Skin concerns:

A lot of women will experience changes in the physical appearance of their skin because of pregnancy hormones third trimester. Hormonal imbalances lead to eczema, skin tags, oiliness, acne, stretch marks, and darkening skin. Approximately 90% of women develop stretch marks by the third trimester of pregnancy, often occurs on the breast and stomach area.

4. Heartburn:

In the third trimester pregnancy, your developing uterus may push your abdomen out of its normal position that will contribute to heartburn. This can cause a burning sensation that will begin in your stomach and seems to rise up. So try to avoid consuming foods like fried foods, citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, and spicy foods during pregnancy as these foods may increase your heartburn.

5. Frequent urination:

As your baby moves deeper into your pelvis, you may sense a lot more stress on your bladder which in turn causes repeated urination. During this period, you may suffer from urinary tract infections like urinating a lot more than usual, burning during urination, stomach pain, etc. If you left untreated these kinds of urinary tract infections, you may increase the risk of pregnancy complications.

6. Mood swings:

Mood swings during pregnancy are common, which are usually most intense in the first and third trimester. Mood swings during pregnancy may be caused by physical stresses, fatigue, and change in your metabolism and also caused by the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

7. Baby blues:

Pregnancy hormones the third trimester is the major cause of baby blues, which will also continue after the baby’s birth. Hormonal disturbances during pregnancy can affect chemicals in your brain that result in depression.

8. Swelling:

Swelling of feet, arms and lower legs is more common in pregnancy as your growing uterus puts force on the veins that return blood through your feet and legs. If you have prolonged swelling in the feet and arms, you need to contact your health care provider.

9. Shortness of breath:

During the third trimester of pregnancy, your uterus might go upwards, your lungs will have less room to stretch. So practice good posture and rest with your upper body propped up on special pillows to ease the strain on your lungs.

10. Vaginal discharge:

Vaginal discharge is common at the end of your pregnancy. If you have any fluid leaking or any blood, contact your personal doctor immediately.


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