9 Most Common Effects of Pregnancy Hormones Second Trimester


You are now in the second trimester that means it is the time to say goodbye to nausea, but this is the time for many other things to happen. With the developing baby, your body will also get changed. Some of the main changes in your body in this trimester are:

Pregnancy hormones second trimester can cause some negative effects. Tiredness and mood swings are very common, specifically in the initial months of the second trimester. Here are few effects of pregnancy hormones during the second trimester:

Pregnancy Hormones Second Trimester

1. Tender Breasts:

Tender breasts, heaviness or tingling in breasts is the initial sign for many women to recognize that they are pregnant. Hormones during this trimester will do their work to prepare for lactation.

2. Heart Burn/Reflux:

Pregnancy is the peak time for progesterone release, which will relax the vagina valve to the stomach and make it easier for your stomach acid to flow up into the esophagus. This will become worse as your baby grows up. Avoiding spicy foods, late night snacks, and high-fat foods can help in easing this condition.

3. Fatigue:

This is due to the progesterone hormone. This has the same effect on your brain like sleeping tablets. Progesterone is the main cause of drowsiness.

4. The sense of Smell:

The sense of smell will also get affected by the rapidly increasing pregnancy hormones second semester. Hormones may alter your tastes and habits also.

5. Back Pain:

Backache is one of the most common complaints of pregnancy women during second and third trimesters, for this also progesterone is the culprit. High progesterone levels during pregnancy can soften and stretch the ligaments in the pelvic area. At the end of the second trimester, your body again starts producing relaxing hormone further that will help in loosening all the ligaments and joints.

6. Thrush:

In the second trimester of pregnancy, due to increased levels of estrogen and reduced acidity in the vagina may cause higher levels of the glycogen that feeds the Candida albicans growth. Due to this, a pregnant woman is more likely to get thrush compared to a normal woman.

7. Emotional Changes:

While these physical changes are common, but there are some other effects of pregnancy hormones second semester that is very important to recognize. Significant alterations in hormone levels can affect the neurotransmitter levels, and also chemicals that regulate mood.

8. Loss of Breath and Dizziness:

Finally, pregnant women may experience some dizziness and also short of breath, which is more during second and third trimesters.  Pregnancy hormones cause dizziness in this trimester.  Always drink plenty of fluids. Discuss with your doctor about shortness of breath and dizziness, and if these become troublesome for you, take medical help immediately.

9. Constipation:

During the second trimester of pregnancy, this is a very common problem, as progesterone is responsible for relaxing intestines and muscles.  Make sure that your diet is filled with lots of fluids and fiber from vegetables and fresh fruits. Do not take laxatives while you are pregnant and speak to your doctor about this.


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