EPT Pregnancy Test–As Accurate As Doctor’s Test

EPT pregnancy test is 99 percent accurate at identifying pregnancy hormone. Most pregnant women may not have noticeable amounts of hCG hormone in the urine immediately the day after they miss the period or due to the miscalculation of their menstrual period.

EPT pregnancy test helps to detect your pregnancy at an early stage. This test can detect the presence of a hormone that is released immediately after fertilization. It is recommended to use this test kit early in the morning when the hormone is at the highest possible level.

EPT is the most sensitive of all home pregnancy tests. This test strip will even recognize the smallest amount of HCG in the body. To get the accurate results, you should follow the instructions carefully. Use this test kit 6-8 days after the conception to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Here are some FAQs about EPT pregnancy test:

EPT Pregnancy Test

1. When one can use EPT test kit?

You can use this the very next day after you miss the period or any day subsequently. If you want to use the kit early before you miss the period, you can use it when you are four days due to the period. If you got the negative test result, even there is a possibility that you might be expecting.

2. How does the EPT test work?

This test identifies the hCG hormone existing in the urine only in the pregnancy period. EPT kit can even detect the tiny amounts of the hormone.

3. Which urine sample can give accurate results?

It is suggested to use early morning urine sample for accurate results. You can even test at any time of the day, but during the day time, urine is diluted with excess fluid intake. So, you may get the false results.

4. How can I detect the positive test result?

If you notice a + symbol in the round window and one single line in the square, then it indicates a positive test result. It doesn’t matter whether the lines are darker or lighter.

5. What does it mean if there is no blue line?

If you don’t notice any blue line within 10 min, then the kit is not functioning properly. This can be due to the usage of very little or higher amounts of the urine sample. During this case, you need to repeat the test again.

6. What should I do if there is an incorrect test result?

In case you notice the incorrect test result or you didn’t notice + or – symbols in the round window, once again repeat the test after a week by using a new EPT test kit.

7. Are there any aspects that can interfere with the test outcome?

Yes, usage of certain drugs can disturb the hCG levels. Also, certain conditions like ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, and other medical illnesses can affect the test result. Even you get the false result after the repetition of the test, it is recommended to consult your doctor.


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