What Is Glucose Test Pregnancy And Why It Is Recommended?


Getting a pregnancy glucose test is a routine part of pregnancy. Many obstetricians suggest pregnant women take a glucose screening test between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. This test is used to determine how well a woman processes sugar. Poor processing may indicate the presence of gestational diabetes as it is a serious pregnancy complication that can be harmful to both mother and baby. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that can develop in a pregnant woman who didn’t have diabetes before pregnancy. Around 18% of pregnancies can develop gestational diabetes in the second trimester. Unlike other types of diabetes, gestational diabetes generally disappears after the baby’s birth.

Glucose Test PregnancyHow a glucose test pregnancy is done?

This test checks for gestational diabetes. Many doctors routinely screen all pregnant women for gestational diabetes. Some encourage pregnancy glucose test for women who are obese and have a family history of diabetes.

There are no significant risks associated with the pregnancy glucose test. If you are very nervous about giving blood for the test, ask your husband to stay with you.

The test follows the following pattern:

Glucose challenge test screens for gestational diabetes:

You will be asked to drink 100g glucose in a 10-ounce liquid form. You must take the drink within five minutes. No fasting is required prior to this test. About an hour after digesting, your blood is taken and tested for glucose. If your blood-glucose level is greater than 135 mg/dl, you will need to undergo a glucose tolerance test or a 3 hours glucose test that requires you to fast from the night before.

Glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes:

  • In this test, your fasting blood sugar will be measured by drawing your first blood sample.
  • You will be asked to drink a larger amount of the glucose drink than it is used in the one-hour test or glucose challenged screening test.
  • Your blood will be drawn and tested after 1 hour, 2hours and 3 hours.

Results of glucose test pregnancy:

There are four numbers starting with your fasting blood-sugar level. Here is what your doctor is hoping for:

  • Fasting: 95mg or less
  • 1st hour: 180mg or less
  • 2nd hour: 155mg or less
  • 3rd hour: 140mg or less

If two or more glucose test pregnancy results are abnormal, you will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes can be controlled by eating healthy foods and regular exercise that helps to lower your blood-glucose levels. Sometimes a woman with gestational diabetes must also take insulin.

If it is not treated, it can increase the risk of growth and hormonal abnormalities in newborns. Women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes may have increased risk of type 2 diabetes in the future.


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