Midstream Pregnancy Tests for Early Detection of Pregnancy


Midstream pregnancy tests are safe, fast, convenient and proven methods for early pregnancy detection. This test can be done at any time of the day when you suspect pregnancy. Midstream pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy immediately the next day you miss the period or one week after the conception.

Midstream Pregnancy Tests for Early Detection of PregnancyLike the other one-step HCG home pregnancy test kits, the midstream pregnancy tests use a combination of polyclonal and monoclonal antibody reagents in order to detect HCG hormone levels in the urine. This pregnancy test kit includes monoclonal HCG shaded conjugate and polyclonal anti- HCG layered on the membrane test region.

Through the capillary action, the urine sample moves along the test region and responds with the reagents to create visible colored lines in the test space. If the concentration of the HCG hormone is 20 mIU/ml or even greater, then it results in the appearance of the distinctive colored line within the test region and thus representing a positive pregnancy test. If you don’t observe any line in the test region, then the test is negative.

When you use midstream pregnancy tests, there is no need to collect your urine sample. So it is a preferred way of pregnancy confirmation for most women. Due to these reasons, most of the OTC brands offered in retailer stores use midstream. The test is simply performed by removing the kit from the wrapped pouch, then taking out the cap from the capillary wick and then holding the wick in the urine stream for five seconds. Then place the cap back in its position and then place the test kit on the flat surface. Then observe for the capillary action. Read the test result within 3-5 minutes.

The test area includes two regions one controls area (C) and the other is the test area (T). The appearance of control line indicates that the devise is working properly. Also, when you observe a line in the test area, then the result is positive. If there is no line in the test area, the result is negative. If you get the positive result, then you should visit the care provider for confirmation of pregnancy. If you don’t observe any line in the control and test regions, then it is an invalid test and the test should be repeated with a new devise.

Here are some great features of midstream pregnancy tests:

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Early detection
  • FDA cleared
  • 99% accurate results
  • Packed individually
  • Quick results in 3-5 min
  • No sample collection required
  • Cheaper than any other methods


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