Having Twins? 11 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Are you expecting twins and don’t to know what to expect? Then you are not alone!!! Most of the pregnant women who carry twins have no idea about what to expect with the baby. But, don’t worry… Here I am going to explain you about the tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy when you are carrying twins.

In the US, about 3 pregnancies among every 100 may give birth to twins or triplets. If you know that you are carrying twins, you should be prepared with each detail that is related to keep your twin pregnancy healthy.

Here are 11 tips for a healthy pregnancy:

11 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy1. Eat for 3, not for 2

When compared to normal pregnancy, women who are carrying twins should consume 600 calories more to satisfy their twin health needs. Every day, try to consume 5-7 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits. Make sure that your diet is rich in lean proteins as it helps to reduce hypoglycemia.

2. Be ready for early labor

As we all know that women who carry twin may deliver their baby’s by 37 weeks. So you should start preparing for your delivery as soon as you enter into your third trimester. Pack all your necessary things to take along with you to the hospital. Make your kids’ nursery ready by 30 weeks.

3. Get plenty of rest

Being pregnant is tiresome and being pregnant with twins is even more. Women who carry twins should get plenty of rest. Make a habit of lying for at least a few minutes and be quite. During this time, you can count fetal kicks.

4. Be aware of the risks

Most women experience various complications during pregnancy, but the risk of these complications is even higher in women who carry twins. But it doesn’t mean that something bad will happen to you and your little ones. It means you have a greater chance of something happening. Know clearly about the terms like preterm labor, cesarean, bed rest, gestational diabetes, low birth weight, etc.

5. Get some support

Usually, pregnant women need a support system, but it is even more essential when you carry twins. There are many people who can offer the help. They can help you by doing the things like preparing the food, taking care of other children, getting items from the store, doing laundry, etc.

6. Sleep on your side

Usually, pregnant women are recommended to sleep on their side from 20th week onwards. But women with twins should start sleeping on their sides by 15th week onwards.

7. Try to stay active

Staying active as much as possible can help prevent gestational diabetes. Usually, twin pregnancy means more bed rest. But staying active can help keep your muscle tone.

8. You will gain more weight

Weight gain for women who carry twins will be more when compared to normal pregnancy. So, you should not worry about your weight gain and don’t reduce your food quantities as you are gaining more weight.

9. Get a supportive pillow

A supportive pillow can help you sit and sleep comfortably. But wedge-shaped pillows are suggestible for women with a large belly as they offer great support even during the nights.

10. Be prepared for C-section

As 99 percentage of twin pregnancies may deliver their babies through C-section. In a twin pregnancy, there is a higher chance for the baby to come in breech position. During this situation, cesarean delivery is the only option.

11. Read and follow good resources

As much information as you attain, it will be easy for you to manage with twins. So, read multiple books and follow good pregnancy info blogs.


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