6 Easy Ways to Save Money during Pregnancy


If you are pregnant and are anxious about how to handle the various expenses coming your way, then you have reached the right spot. Here are some great tips that will not only help you save thousands but also dispel your expense-related anxieties.

6 Easy Ways to Save Money during Pregnancy1. Be prepared

It is during the 9 months of pregnancy that you can exercise your will power and pinch pennies. So, putting aside some little cash every week will go a long way in driving away your worries. Make lists and watch out for deals, redeem those coupons and stock up on things you might need in the months to come.

2. Borrow maternity essentials

If you have friends or family who is offering you their maternity clothing and essentials, grab it. Else, look out for those garage sales, consignment sales and explore thrift stores. You will be surprised to see how much you save on this category of maternity expenses. Similarly, you can also look up and borrow baby stuff that you will definitely need.

3. Review your insurance plan

Read and re-read the terms of your health insurance. Some insurance providers set a fixed amount to your hospital expenses and allow you to include the maternity items given by the hospital as well. But some others treat it as a separate entity and bill you for it, especially when you have a high maternity deductible. In this case, it helps to carry your own items to avoid the outrageous prices.

4. Work from home

If you are already working, it helps to continue to work as long as you can. A few extra projects during the weekend can go a long way in saving up towards maternity expenses. So try and squeeze in time for a little extra work via telecommuting.

5. Visit a lactation consultant

Breast feeding is not just safer and healthier; it saves you a lot of money. If you can manage to breast feed for at least 6 months, you would have avoided a lot of expense on packaged milk supplements. Plus, it is found that babies fed with milk supplements are more prone to infections and colic that results in frequent visits to the pediatrician’s office.

6. Home cooked meals

Home cooked meals are not just healthy, but also lighter on your pocket. You also have better control over the ingredients. If you do not like cooking every day, then try to cook once every few days and freeze them in small containers.


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