How to Prevent 8 Months Pregnant Back Pain?


Back pain is the most common complaint during pregnancy, but during the third trimester, it will be a little severe. As the growing belly puts high stress on your back, you will have severe 8 months pregnant back pain.

8 Months Pregnant Back PainBack pain during pregnancy is due to the pregnancy hormones that relax your muscles, joints, and ligaments. Also the weight you gain during the third trimester can even cause severe back pain. Not only back pain, but you may also have discomfort in your shoulders, upper back, ribcage and between your breasts. Some women may even suffer from sharp and shooting pain down one or both legs. Also, you may have pelvic pain at the front of your pelvis.

When you sit or stand for prolonged periods, then 8 months pregnant back pain will become more severe. If you have had neck, pelvis or back problems prior to your pregnancy, then it will become worse during pregnancy.

To get relief from 8 months pregnant back pain:

  • Try to use your body more efficiently. Sit or stand up straight and tall, but make sure that the chin is not tilt upwards.
  • Avoid standing for longer periods in one position. In case you need to stand for more time, make sure to change from one foot to other.
  • When you sleep, use pillows for proper support and keep your thighs parallel to prevent the leg from twisting across the body into the recovery position when you sleep.
  • Make sure to wear the right maternity clothes. Use supportive maternity bra with wide straps and big cup size to prevent the strain on your shoulders and ribcage.
  • When you lift something or bend for some reason, make sure to maintain correct postures.
  • Regular workouts such as pelvic tilts can help to decrease 8 months pregnant back pain.


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