8 Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy During Pregnancy


Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy must be every woman’s prime concern. This not only keeps you fit and healthy but also improves the development of baby’s brain. Hence, staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is a raised concern.

Wish to make sure that you do everything which is possible to get a healthy pregnancy? If pregnancy is the right time women are going to begin an exercise program and healthy lifestyle modification, what is the better incentive rather than to do it for their baby? Here are some of the useful and important tips on how to stay healthy and in-shape during pregnancy.

Healthy benefits of staying active during pregnancy

1. Do light exercises

Fit and Healthy During PregnancyRemember to maintain your fitness levels up when you are pregnant as it is essential to make you prepare for labor and also help you to stay back in-shape faster after the baby’s birth. Some of the heavier exercises that involve the potential for knocks and falls must be avoided. Try anyone of the following regularly for 30 minutes a day.

  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Aqua natal classes
  • Water aerobics

2. Have healthy food

Fit and Healthy During PregnancyHow well you take your food during pregnancy is very important for the development of the baby. Make sure whether you are eating a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. There are some specific foods that you cannot take such as:

  • Sea foods rich in mercury content
  • Undercooked meats
  • Raw fish and shell fish

3. Get some sleep

Fit and Healthy During PregnancyTry to have good sleep as you feel more tired than usual as your body releases high levels of progesterone hormone. Always prefer to sleep on the left side as this reduces the pressure of uterus against the liver and allows a good flow of blood to the fetus.

4. Take a pregnancy vitamin supplements

Fit and Healthy During PregnancySupplements could not be a substitute for a well-balanced diet but a good supplement that contain folic acid, iron, and certain vitamins help you to get enough of right and sufficient nutrients. Folic acid is vital for DNA development in your baby.

5. Not to take the bad stuff

Fit and Healthy During PregnancyAlcohol consumption during pregnancy is harmful and also leads to fetal alcohol syndrome. The indeed Government and general consensus advice are to avoid alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

6. Practice pelvic floor exercises

Women during pregnancy can have weak pelvic floor muscles and hence, it is very important to do pelvic floor exercises that make your labor easier and help you in avoiding delightful side-effects.

7. Drink plenty of water

Many studies have shown that drinking required amounts of water while pregnant creates easy movements for the baby to rotate. Coffee consumption should also be in needed amounts but don’t forget to take a glass of water after having coffee as it helps to stay hydrated especially when you go out for work.

8. Labor workouts

Fit and Healthy During PregnancyWell, at this stage you need to practice some labor workouts which benefit you during the delivery and labor time. This not only benefits the mother but also babies can develop the stronger hearts.


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