Best remedies for Headaches during Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a period of joy as you are getting ready to welcome your little one. It is also a period of many bodily changes in the mother. While the surge in good hormones is good for the pregnancy, it may have its side effects too. One such side effect is pregnancy-related headaches. Here are some best remedies for headaches during pregnancy.

Best remedies for Headaches during Pregnancy1. Avoid triggers

The best way to treat any ailment is prevention. Headaches are a common occurrence during pregnancy, caused due to sudden changes in hormone levels and a surge in blood volume. Other causes include a drop in sugar levels, dehydration, lack of sleep and stress. Avoiding these triggers can go a long way in reducing or completely stopping its occurrence.

2. Natural remedies

Try out some home remedies before you reach out for the pills. For instance, if it is a sinus headache, try steam inhalation and warm compress to relieve the sinuses.  If it is a tension headache try out aroma therapy or use a cold compress. Eat healthy, light and non-spicy food to sooth your stomach.

3. Stay Healthy

Maintaining physical fitness throughout pregnancy is one way to keep headaches at bay. Continue your daily walk and moderate aerobic exercise. The adrenaline levels help manage stress better.  Practice yoga under a certified practitioner to relax your mind and body. Practice good posture and learn to relax.

4. Balanced diet

Stick to a balanced diet and include lots of fiber, fruits, and water. Avoid junk food and fizzy drinks. Eat small meals at regular intervals. Maintain a healthy diet and choose freshly prepared food over refrigerated or food stored with preservatives. Control your craving for sugar as it can damage your health.

5. Manage Stress

Stress is the number one cause of headaches. Though avoiding stressful situations is not always possible, managing them is. Pregnancy is a time to step back and relax. Arrange for help from your loved ones. Practice relaxation and meditation techniques. Indulge in a simple head massage whenever possible. Sleep well and set up a sleep routine. Consider alternative mind-body techniques like biofeedback and acupressure.


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