Ways to Get Pregnant Quickly


Are you struggling to get pregnant? Then you have come to the right place. Here are several ways to get pregnant quickly. Usually, an average couple takes six months to get pregnant, while some couples even try for a year or more and some women will get pregnant when they didn’t want to be.

The fact is that most couples do many mistakes when they are trying to conceive, such as consuming wrong food, having intercourse at wrong times, or not recognizing the health problem that prevents you from getting pregnant.

Here are the ways to get pregnant quickly:

Using ovulation kits and fertility monitors:

Getting Pregnant QuicklyInitially recognize your ovulation period correctly and have sex during that period. You will know the exact ovulation period by using ovulation test kits, such as test strips, fertility monitors, etc. Using an ovulation kit for predicting your ovulation will greatly improve the chances of becoming pregnant. Few women may also use ovulation charts and other prediction methods. Fertility monitors are also similar to ovulation kits and they notice the changes by recognizing the changes in LH hormones and also others. They are easy to use and they will tell you the right period to get pregnant.

Stop using birth control in advance:

Birth control pills may reduce your fertility rate even after you stop using them in advance. Few women many not become pregnant even they stop 3-4 months before they try to conceive. If you are using any device, get it removed in advance by your healthcare provider.

Pre-pregnancy diet:

Consume the right foods and stay healthy, particularly when you are trying to conceive. This keeps a couple in the proper mindset to get pregnant that can go a long way to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Quit smoking, drinking, and usage of other drugs while you are trying to get pregnant as they can greatly affect your ovulation and fertility rate. Even you become pregnant; those habits will affect your unborn baby.

Have sex at the right time:

Most couples are confused about the right time to have sex in connection to ovulation. Usually, there is a small period for each month to become pregnant. After the ovulation, the egg will survive approximately 24 hrs, while sperm will be live for 3-5 days. So, having sex 2-3 days before your ovulation will increase the chances of getting pregnant. Waiting until the ovulation day may not help you become pregnant.

Check with your doctor:

Staying in good health condition and having regular health checkups from your doctor may increase the odds of becoming pregnant. Poor health conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, and untreated existing infections can greatly affect your chances of becoming pregnant. So, it is better to consult your doctor and take prenatal vitamins before you try to conceive.


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