Popular myths and tales of pregnancy


With the advent of the latest technology and scientific advancement, the experience of pregnancy has transformed from being a scary 9 months to an enjoyable journey. Still, there are some old pregnancy tales and myths that refuse to die.

Popular myths and tales of pregnancy Myth 1

The most hilarious and one of the most bizarre myths and old wives’ tale is the belief that pregnant ladies should not take frequent baths. Pregnancy is a long period of 9 months, how unhygienic is it to take fewer baths? The truth is that the baby is completely safe in the womb and does not have any adverse effect with you taking a bath as the sac is protected by a mucous plug that blocks anything entering the cervix. Enjoy baths except when your water breaks. Taking a bath is actually beneficial for you and the baby.

Myth 2

It is a very infamous myth that if a pregnant woman stretches her hand up or raises her hand above her head, the baby’s neck is wrapped with the umbilical cord inside the stomach. The truth is that the baby has absolutely no concerns with raising or stretching your arms, your angel is safe in the sac. As far as the wrapping of the umbilical cord is concerned, it only happens when the movements of the baby are rapid in the womb. This is a very common scenario with over 30-40% babies found wrapped with an umbilical cord at the time of birth and doctors take them out perfectly.

Myth 3

Another amusing old wives’ tale says that if you’re carrying a belly shaped like a watermelon, you’re going to deliver a baby girl and it’s a boy if you have a basketball shaped belly. How high and low you carry does not define the gender of your baby. It just denotes the position of your baby in the uterus corresponding to your body and muscle tone. Interestingly, in some places, the myth is the opposite, i.e. watermelon shape for boy and basketball shape for a girl. Don’t worry how your belly looks and enjoy your pregnancy.

Myth 4

One of the most popular myths is that if you deny pregnancy cravings, it will harm your baby or your baby will drool after birth. Both the beliefs are baseless. Pregnancy cravings can be a way of your body to tell you that it needs certain nutrients. But this is not proven completely, as to how one can justify the cravings for Cheetos, soaps, soils and street food. Not all the cravings are a need of your body.

Pregnancy is a magical phase that gives a woman a chance to be a part of god’s creation. There can be endless and weirdest tales you might get to know when you’re pregnant. Although it is fun to listen to them, take care that you don’t believe in them without checking it with your medical practitioner.


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