Pregnancy Apps to Get Started With


Pregnancy apps are certainly helpful in providing necessary information and a plan of action for the expecting mothers or those who are hoping to conceive. They also help keep you in good spirits, throughout the roller coaster ride of highs and lows.

pregnancy apps


You can get information and guidelines personalized according to your health and goals throughout your pregnancy. This app is also useful for women who are trying to get pregnant. You can get in touch with other expecting mothers and check pregnancy milestones. With this app, you can get information about the safety of food items or medicines before taking them during pregnancy.

Hello belly

With this app, you can avail yoga and meditation practices that are safe during pregnancy. This app is intended to provide a pleasurable experience and ease of use. You will be able to see more about other people’s life, useful tips and weekly updates. You will be easily able to relate to the funny, yet relatable references of weekly changes.

Sprout pregnancy

This app tries to replicate the movements of your baby and kicks, so that you can glimpse at what is happening inside at a particular stage. You can journal your everyday activities and changes easily. You can get all the information regarding your body changes and baby’s progress. There is a contraction timer to help you keep track of your contractions. Kick counter also helps you track your baby’s activity.

Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Bump

This app gives you all weekly updates about your baby’s development and your pregnancy milestones. This provides useful tips and guidelines on what to expect each week and what activities you can do. You also get updates for each trimester. Contraction timer feature is also available. Baby bump app is convenient to use and know about all that happens during the nine months.

WebMD Pregnancy

This app comes with medical and health related information that you can rely upon easily. WebMD offers well researched facts and articles related to pregnancy. You can monitor your weight gain and blood pressure. There is contraction tracker and baby’s kick tracker. With this app, you can note the queries you would like to ask your ob/gyn at your next visit. There is also a checklist to help you prepare with the delivery.


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