Pregnancy Care Tips for the Father-To-Be

Expecting a new baby is as exciting as it is stressful. A journey once began that has no turning back. You and your spouse have made the decision and you need to see it through together. For a woman pregnancy is a roller coaster ride as she goes through physical, hormonal and emotional changes. Make this challenging and beautiful phase a wonderful experience for both of you by following a few tips.Pregnancy Care Tips for the Father-To-Be

  • Listen: Your wife is thrilled and excited but also scared and nervous. She would be having many apprehensions. Take time to listen to her, encourage her to share her thoughts and feelings with you and let her know that she is not alone and you are there for her always.
  • Help: Domestic chores can be very tiring due to morning sickness and general fatigue experience during pregnancy by most women. Help her by sharing the household chores. Your efforts will mean a lot to her and will also let her take much needed rest.
  • Share: Spend time together. With the arrival of the new baby both of you would be busy and this might affect your time together. Visiting your care giver, attending parenting classes, doing up the baby’s room, child-proofing the house, picking up clothes, toys and other stuff for the baby should all be shared as far as possible. Not only will this foster a sense of togetherness, it will also keep your wife happy and relaxed.
  • Reassure: Woman are confused with the physical and emotional changes that occur with pregnancy. Reassure your wife; make her feel loved and beautiful. Let her share her apprehensions with you without any feelings of inadequacy or emotional trauma.
  • Patience: Hold her when she gets emotional. Tears and anger during pregnancy are the result of emotional changes and feeling of inadequacy. Be patient with her tantrums and let her know you are lucky to have her in your life.
  • Care: You and your wife both need care. Lavish lots of TLC on your wife but be sure not to neglect yourself. Be healthy only then can you focus on your wife’s needs. Redesigning her room to make her more comfortable.
  • Update: Catch up on your reading. Read book that will help you understand your spouse’s pregnancy, what to expect during pregnancy and after.
  • Indulge: Your wife might have the strangest of cravings even at unearthly hours. Indulge and pamper her. Rub her back when she complains of back ache, hold her hand and take her on walks or visit her favorite places. Do everything in your power to make her feel special.
  • Romance: Keep the romance alive in your relationship. Go on special dates, or even a ‘Baby moon’ if you can afford it and your doctor gives permission to travel. Both of you will have this special time together. Once your baby comes most of your time will be spent with your little one and you will be glad you had all this special time together.

Always remember your life is about to change once your baby has arrived. Both of you as well as your relationship are going to change. Be prepared for this and enjoy your spouse’s pregnancy.


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