Can a Woman Get Pregnancy During Period?


Pregnancy during the period is possible but highly unlikely. It is a common misconception that having sex during the period cannot cause a woman to become pregnant. The best time for women to become pregnant is around in the middle of the cycle i.e. close to ovulation.

Woman Get Pregnancy During PeriodThere are several possibilities for women get pregnancy during the period, such as:

3Early ovulation:

Usually ovulation period for women is around 14 days prior to the next menstrual period. This is the case with women who have the average 28 days cycle. However, a woman’s cycle is not always expect able. Even for women with regular cycle sometimes may have off cycle and also ovulate later or earlier than the normal period. In case your ovulation occurs very early, for example, 10th day, then you have higher chances of becoming pregnant if you have sex during the menstrual period.

2Irregular bleeding or long periods:

Most women have irregular periods or long periods after their normal bleeding. In case you have longer periods, for example, a period that lasts for 10 days and you have unprotected sex during this period, there is a greater chance for pregnancy during the period.

1Ovulation spotting:

It is the bleeding that happens close to your ovulation. This spotting is a fertile cervical liquid that can be mistakenly considered as a period. Few women may experience red or brown spotting right before the ovulation. Such spotting offers an ideal atmosphere for sperm to inhabit. In case if you have unprotected sex during ovulation spotting, then there is a higher chance of becoming pregnant.


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