Pregnancy Prevention Pills Side Effects


There are millions of women taking contraceptive pills and they could all be interested in the pregnancy prevention pills side effects. There have been a lot of discussions on this topic with different results, but you may still be confused about it.

Cancer Risk

Although there were a lot of different headlines regarding this topic, the specialists reached the conclusion that the pills don’t influence the breast cancer risks, but they decrease the risks of being affected by endometrial and ovarian cancer. The downside is that the chances of cervical cancer increase.


Pregnancy Prevention Pills Side EffectsIn case you are interested in the negative effects of pregnancy prevention pills you should know that in some cases these pills can ruin a relationship. This is because they lower the libido of women.

All this is caused by the fact that the pills come with hormones that decrease the sexual drive and make the vagina feel dry and sometimes uncomfortable during intercourse.

The Sex Drive

As a result of the pills women may not have strong orgasms, the desire might decrease, and it is also possible to experience some pain during orgasm. According to the studies in the field, the side effects of the pills can last for several months after women start taking them.


When it comes to the pregnancy prevention pill negative effects, you may know that they don’t make women gain weight. However, the studies have found that the women taking the pill were gaining less lean muscle and they had less muscle building hormones in their organism.

The Mood

The good news about the pregnancy prevention pills side effects is that they balance the hormones throughout the menstrual cycle so women won’t have mood swings. However, in some cases, women may become depressed as a result of the pill. In this case, it helps to switch to a different pill.

The Heart

The women thinking about the adverse effects of pregnancy prevention pills may have heard that these can lead to the formation of blood clots. These could become dangerous if they travel through the body. However, the modern formulations carry lower risks than the older ones.

In our day’s women don’t really have to worry about the pregnancy prevention pills side effects because few pills have serious side effects and they can always ask your doctor for a different pill.


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