Pregnancy Sleeping Positions For Comfortable Sleep


When we ask about the best pregnancy sleeping positions, different people will tell in different ways, such as sleeping on left side, on the right side, on the back and whatever works. It is difficult for most pregnant women to find a best sleeping position, especially during the third trimester. With the increased belly size, it will be hard for women to sleep comfortably.

Best pregnancy sleeping positions – Sleeping on the side

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions For Comfortable SleepPeople who have the habit of sleeping on their side, it will be difficult for them to sleep on the back during second and third trimesters. Sleeping on the back will put greater pressure on your lungs thus making it difficult to breath.

So, during the early pregnancy stages, women should make the habit of sleeping on the side. Sleeping on your side with bent knees is the most comfortable position. Also sleeping on the side will make the heart’s job easier. Sleeping on your side prevents the baby’s weight from applying pressure on the large vein that is responsible for blood flow back to your heart from your legs and feet.

In case you have a severe back problem during your pregnancy, you can try SOS position by placing a pillow under your abdomen.

If you have heartburn during the night, elevate your upper body by placing pillows. If you have shortness of breath, you can lie on your side or prop up with pillows.

Most doctors recommend sleeping on the left side as it is the best among the pregnancy sleeping positions. Liver, the largest organ in the body is located on right side of the abdomen, so when you lay on your left side, it helps keep the uterus off that large organ.

Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy can also improve circulation to your heart and ensures proper blood circulation to the fetus, kidneys, and uterus. Also, you can ask the doctor about better pregnancy sleeping positions, but in most of the cases sleeping on either side will help and take some pressure off your back.

Shifting the position is a very natural part of the sleep that you can’t control. You can’t sleep on your back especially in the third trimester because it will be too uncomfortable. When you sleep on your back, your body’s weight presses up on inferior vena cava, which will wake you up during the night.

You can sleep comfortably on your side by experimenting with pillows. You can place pillows on your back or between your legs for a comfortable sleep. You can buy a good pregnancy pillow. Before buying you can talk to your doctor about which works best for you.


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