Reasons for Eye Twitching During Pregnancy


Are you being bothered by continues spasms in one of your eyes during pregnancy? You are not alone then. Many women experience twitching in their eyes at various stages during their period of pregnancy.

Twitching is a sudden movement of the eyelid which is generally harmless, but sometimes it can get strong and cause trouble in opening and closing of eyes. Spasming of eyes goes away on its own after some time, but may begin again after few hours. Twitching when you are expecting is usually the result of pregnancy related factors.

Eye Twitching During Pregnancy

Stress and fatigue

Pregnancy being a whole new experience, can be overwhelming at times. As you move further into the other advanced months, you may experience anxiety levels. This takes a toll on your mind and body. Stress is one of the common reasons behind eye twitching in pregnant women.

Nutrient Deficiency

Most women suffer from nutrient deficiency in pregnancy. That’s because their diet fails to meet the complete requirement of their body and the growing baby. Pregnant women normally require a nutrient rich diet for supporting the healthy development of their baby. You should remember to take your prescribed vitamins as well, in order to check this problem.


You may need your cup of coffee or tea for the day, but your eyes may be sensitive to the caffeine presence in your beverage. Too much caffeine can induce heaviness in eyes and cause them to twitch.


If you are on certain medications to treat health conditions such as psychosis or epilepsy, you will experience twitching as a common side effect. It happens because the drugs have an effect on nerves, causing the eyes to spasm.

Dry eyes

This condition is common in many women during pregnancy. Due to continues hormonal changes, tear ducts and production of lipid are affected, which results in dry eye condition. You may feel irritation and burning sensation in the eyes. Rubbing your eyes does not help at all and it only worsens it, leading to twitching problem.


Twitching can be triggered by the presence of some allergens in your vicinity. Pollen, pet fur, feathers, dust particles and other allergens you are sensitive to, can cause your eyes to twitch.

Wrong glasses

If you wear spectacles of wrong number, your eyes may start twitching during pregnancy. Women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes are vulnerable to eye spasms, if their eyes are strained when using incorrect glasses.

Measures to treat eye twitching

  • Stress and exhaustion are common causes of eye twitching in pregnant women. Try and reduce stress by focussing on what is absolutely necessary for the time being and keeping things on hold to be tackled at a later stage. Engaging yourself in your favourite hobbies helps to keep stress at bay.
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential in pregnancy. Make sure you get all your nutrients and exercise everyday. This helps keep a check on mental anxiety as well.
  • Try and limit screen time and stay away from all screens at least an hour before bedtime, to get the much needed sleep. Having your mobile in hand even when you are on bed or staring at TV till late at night is not going to help.
  • You may find some relief by splashing some cold water on your eyes. In order to relax the twitchy muscles, rub the eyelids and the area around your eyes gently with soft cloth dipped in warm water.


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