When it is Risky to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Most women and their partners really wonder whether sex during pregnancy is really safe. Fortunately, for most of the couple, sex until their due date is perfectly safe, even it becomes uncomfortable as the month’s pass.

Sex During PregnancyDuring certain high-risk cases, sex during pregnancy can be risky. Most doctors recommend that women who are at the risk of preterm labor should avoid intercourse as semen contains substances that can cause uterine contractions. You doctor will let you know whether you need to be concerned.

Having sex during pregnancy is risky when:

  • You have sudden bleeding
  • You have a history of premature labor or birth
  • Your water has broken
  • You are carrying multiples, especially when you are in last trimester
  • You have placenta previa
  • Your care provider has restricted it for any reason

If you are experiencing any of the above risk factors, you should discuss with your doctor or midwife. In case you experience a discharge of bright red blood after sex, you should immediately contact your doctor.

What you may feel after the intercourse:

You may experience a contraction of the uterus or increased fetal activity after orgasm. For some pregnant women, these uterine contractions may last up to 30 minutes after the intercourse. Don’t worry about these contractions and fetal movements as they are completely normal. They won’t affect your baby in any way.

Because of higher blood flow and engorgement, the cervix may bleed slightly after the intercourse. Even you experience little vaginal bleeding after sex during the third trimester, don’t worry about it. Still, if you have any doubts, you should consult your doctor.


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