The Dos and Don’ts of Fitness for Getting Pregnant


Pregnancy period in a woman’s life is filled with several drastic changes in the body. Maintaining fitness along with proper health is also essential for a girl to turn into a woman. To remain active during pregnancy, you must consider a fitness routine in order to enjoy a pleasant pregnancy experience. Here are your do’s and don’ts of pregnancy fitness, you must know in pregnancy. Here we go…

The Dos and Don’ts of Fitness for Getting PregnantDo’s for pregnancy fitness:

  • Take your doctor’s advice before you start any workout during pregnancy.
  • Perform a variety of activities that you can enjoy a lot. Women who are already habituated in doing such type of activities can continue with the ones which are baby friendly. For example, swimming is a great activity that you can enjoy before and during your pregnancy.
  • Strengthening your abdominal and back muscles before planning your pregnancy is very essential because it helps to reduce your frequent back pain attacks. A strong core gives you good posture and balance, both are very essential during your pregnancy.
  • Do cardio workouts regularly. Do cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes each day such as walking, jogging, swimming, or working on the elliptical machine to keep up your heart rate, which helps you to be in good shape both physically and mentally.
  • Slow and briskly running is the best way to implement any of your fitness plans.
  • Do make your fitness routine approved by your doctor once you become pregnant. Your doctor will help to modify your fitness habits to help you have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Don’ts for pregnancy fitness:

  • Don’t wait until you get pregnant to start a fitness routine. Studies suggest that good physical shape is very much essential during the early days of fetal development. Making the physical activity as a habit when you are trying to conceive makes it much easier for you to stick to that routine when you become pregnant.
  • Do not Train extremely: Keep your heart in check while performing exercises. If you are feeling any breathlessness symptoms or difficulty breathing, do not continue your regular fitness workout immediately.
  • Avoid exercises keeping extra pressure on your back!! Pressure on your back or core makes restricted blood flow to your body and makes you feel exhausted and tired. Substitute your workouts with planks, squats and standing exercises.
  • Remember that when you are maintaining pre-pregnancy fitness, don’t perform any activity that can cause you to lose weight.
  • Don’t follow any fad diets or gimmicky workout routines. Remember that you have to nourish but not become deprived.
  • Don’t ignore your partner’s health…Not only your fitness, but your partner’s fitness is also very much essential to have a healthy and hassle-free pregnancy. As a couple, you should start your fitness routine 90 days prior to trying to conceive.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights! Make sure you are not working out under hot environments. It makes your body overheat.
  • Stop participating in your regular high-impact sports. You may get injured to your abdomen, which is completely risk to your pregnancy.



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