What are the Causes of Breast Pain in early Pregnancy?


Majority of women in early pregnancy experience breast pain. This can be very uncomfortable, hurting and distracting in many ways, but you should know that nature has best intentions for expecting moms. Your body is going through many important changes and this is one such developmental phase which is going to provide nourishment to your baby after birth.

why breast pain occurs in early pregnancy

Reason behind breast pain

Hormones are mainly responsible for a number of changes you notice and feel throughout your pregnancy period. With a surge in the level of progesterone and oestrogen hormones, your breasts start to expand and this results in pain. You may have observed certain soreness of breasts before the start of your menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, this pain gets magnified. Some women experience tenderness from as early as two weeks after conception. Learn about differences in breast pain before and after conception here. Your breasts may change shape as well as size.

What changes take place?

When the production of hormones increases, the flow of blood to this area also increases. The layer of fat present within the breasts starts to thicken up and so the size appears enlarged. The milk glands also grow in number, making your breasts feel heavier. The stretching of skin around the nipples may cause irritation and make them appear more protruding. The skin being sensitive because of hormonal drive, tends to get dry and flaky. Your breasts may feel very sore to touch or with any slight movement. You will notice that the skin surrounding the nipples, called areola expands and turns more dark. The spots that appear more prominent on the areola help in keeping the area well lubricated.

Remedies for relief

  • The first thing you may want to do is get a new, comfy bra. Choose one that provides proper support and lets you breath. You may have to change it again, as the pregnancy progresses, resulting in another size increase.
  • Underwire bras can cause discomfort and should be avoided.
  • Wearing a comfortable bra when going to sleep, helps prevent brushing of bedsheets or night wear with your sore nipples.
  • Try and avoid contact with tender breasts as much as possible to minimise pain.

Remember that not all women go through the same changes and experiences. Some may not feel much discomfort and some may not notice any breast changes until the end of their pregnancy.


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