What is the Exact 26 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain?

Week 26 is the last week of the second trimester. Even the time seems to drag, the completion of each week gets you one week closer to meeting your new baby.

Each week you may grow about a half-inch. If you watch your pregnancy weight gain each week and are sticking to a balanced diet regimen, the 26 weeks pregnant weight gain should be around 16-22 pounds.

26 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain


Now you will be putting on weight at the rate of 1 pound per week. As the baby growth continues, your uterus increases in size, pushing up and out against the ribs. Sometimes, it may also cause pain in your ribs. A growing uterus leaves less space in your abdomen; you may feel indigestion and heartburn.

The rapid 26 weeks of pregnancy weight gain may cause pregnancy stretch marks around the tummy, hips, and thighs. Once after the delivery, these stretch marks often fade and become less visible. Moisturizing the skin may help to smooth your skin.

As weight gain is the essential aspect of pregnancy, you will gain a lot of weight to prepare your body to nurture the new life inside. Usually, weight gain begins right from the time you get pregnant. Also, the blood volume increases by almost 50%.

During 26 weeks pregnant, your weight gain will be at an increased rate. During the weeks 24-30, you will gain more weight than you gained in the previous 24 weeks put together. The increased belly size may cause slight discomfort to your back, and the organs will feel all cramped up.

You can even check the weight gain calculator for the same weight gain each week. These tools will give you the same weight gain that you should ideally experience.


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