How much is the Right Pregnancy Weight Gain per Week?


In the human life cycle, weight is an important factor and for a pregnant woman it’s even more crucial and is very important to take care of.

Generally, the increase of human body weight is based on the diet intake and other food habits, while pregnant women usually scale up to 8 – 20kgs based on the body type, height and the intake of diet. It is extremely important to take a proper and balanced diet during pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby growth. Dieting is not at all prescribed during pregnancy and in the case of overweight, pregnant women should consult your personal doctor or midwife for exact diet and regarding the exact pregnancy weight gain per week.

Pregnancy Weight Gain per Week

Usually, pregnancy weight gain is measured according to the trimester, such as:

1. In the first Trimester, weight could be increased 1/2 kg or 1 pound/month which is approximately 3kg’s/6lb’s in the first three months.

2. While in the second trimester, the weight should be increased by 1/2 kg or 1 pound/week which is approximately 6 – 7 kgs/12 -14 lbs.

3. In the last/third trimester around 1/2 kg or 1 pound/week, this is approximately 6 – 7 kgs/12 -14 lbs.

According to the BMI levels:

  • If BMI is greater than 26, the weight should be 15 to 25 lbs (7 and 12 kg)
  • If BMI is around 20 to 26, the weight should be 25 to 35 lb (12 to 16 kg)
  • For BMI lesser than 20, the weight should be 28 to 40 lb (12.5 to 18 kg)

Pregnancy weight gain per week does not only add to the baby’s weight but it will be distributed as below:

  • To baby 8 pounds
  • To Amniotic fluid 2 – 3 pounds
  • To Fat stores 5 – 9 pounds
  • To Placenta 2 – 3 pounds
  • To Uterus growth 2 – 5 pounds
  • To Breast tissue 2 – 3 pounds
  • Blood supply 4 pounds

To keep up the gradual increase of the weight, a balanced nutrient-rich diet is important:

  • 1800 calories/day in first 0-3 months
  • 2200 calories/day in first 4-6 months
  • 2400 calories/day in first 7-9 months

Apart from a healthy diet, exercising on regular basis will aid in proper digestion which leads to a healthy baby.


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