13 Weeks Pregnant

— The last week of the first trimester of pregnancy

When you are 13 weeks pregnant, any day now you’ll start to feel your energy return. The high-risk period of pregnancy almost comes to an end. If you haven’t begun sharing the good news yet, 13 weeks pregnant might be a good time to share with your near and dear ones.

Take benefit of your new healthy condition and go out to dinner, catch a movie or take that last big pre-baby vacation. This is the right time because in the coming months you will be too large to sausage yourself in the airplane seats.

You will experience really wonderful changes when you are 13 weeks pregnant. Usually, pregnancy second trimester is referred to as the honeymoon of pregnancy.

Your sexual energy will be back to normal or even it will be more for some women. Women usually feel awkward with their bigger body size and they may also feel that they are unattractive. But men see the pregnant women in a different way and are exceptionally tempted by their pregnancy radiance and glow.

So, want to know how you look attractive and feel comfortable during the second trimester of pregnancy? Then go on to read more…

Symptoms experienced by a 13 weeks pregnant woman:

13 Weeks PregnantAbsolutely you will feel wonderful during this week. You may not feel any physical discomfort. But as the weeks go on, the level of discomfort will increase.

The major symptom that you deal with during pregnancy week 13 is frequent urination. The increased uterus size puts great pressure on the pelvic, so you may feel the urge to urinate frequently.

Still, during this week some women may experience symptoms like heart burn, lower back pain, and swelling. Pregnancy swelling is called as edema, which is swelling of the feet, face, legs, and fingers. Sitting or standing for more time can cause edema, so it is essential to take frequent breaks and walk for a while. This will greatly reduce the chances of swelling during pregnancy.

Abdominal aches are common due to the increased uterus size. Ligaments that are intended to hold the normal uterus are stretched to hold the growing uterus. This condition is known as round ligament pain, which usually happens when you are changing the position on the bed or are about to wake up.

If this round ligament pain persists for more than few minutes, you shouldn’t ignore the condition. Immediately consult your healthcare provider.

Physical changes that occur in a 13 weeks pregnant woman:

Entering into pregnancy week 13 means you have come out of all those debilitating symptoms of pregnancy in earlier weeks. You should feel proud of yourself for the hard work and your scarifies. Quitting smoking, alcohol, drugs, and sodas is not an easy task. This is the period to devote to yourself and your pregnancy.

The chances of miscarriage will also be decreased by this week, so you can feel relaxed now. Remember that each day in your pregnancy is a new chance to improve the diet and exercises.

The changes in your breasts will continue to happen throughout the pregnancy. Along with the darkening of the areolas, you will also observe the breast veins become more prominent. Few women can also notice big benign bumps on the breasts as a 13 weeks pregnant symptom.

You should keep in mind that healthy eating and maintaining a disciplined nutrition will ensure that the baby receives all the essential nutrients. If you feel hungry in between the meals, you can consider eating whole wheat bread, home-made fruit juices, nuts, etc.

Fetal changes that occur in a 13 weeks pregnant woman:

This week your baby is approximately 65-78mm (2.6-3.1 inches) long and weighs about 14-20 grams (0.5-0.7 ounces). From this week, there will be a rapid development in your baby.

Maturation of the organs and tissues continues. Baby’s heartbeat is twice the rate of a normal adult heart and the heartbeat can be recognized during the ultrasound scan or with Doppler device.

Fingerprints are developed at the tips of the baby’s fingers. The baby starts sucking the muscles in the cheeks, so when you gently poke your abdomen, the baby will feel it and start rooting. This is the rehearsal for the important instinct of searching for your nipple after the birth.

If the baby is a girl, she now has about 2 million eggs in her ovaries. By the time of her birth, she will have only one million eggs.

The amniotic sac is still increasing in its size and mass as it continues to fill up with more fluid. Placenta continues its functioning to supply the nutrients for your baby and also filters the residues left from the baby.

The baby’s bones undergo a very important change this week. They become hard and strong as the baby’s body gets calcium from the supplements a well as nutrition.

The eyes of the baby come little closer and the facial features become much more prominent. Your baby’s pancreas begins the production of insulin which is very essential to monitor the blood sugar levels in the later life.

Pregnancy Week 13What care should be taken by a 13 weeks pregnant woman?

  • Get the maternity clothes in which you feel comfortable.
  • Take a healthy diet as well as regular prenatal vitamins. Ensure that the baby gets sufficient levels of iron, zinc, folic acid and calcium, which are essential for healthy growth of the baby.
  • Take enough rest and follow a regular exercise regimen.
  • Consider taking yoga and meditation classes which help to keep your mind calm and make you feel relaxed.

Make sure that there is a gradual increase in your weight because rapid weight gain can increase the risk of stretch marks on the tummy and thighs.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 14…