14 Weeks Pregnant


— The time to celebrate the happy news

Congratulations!! You have entreated into the second trimester of your pregnancy. The second trimester is nothing but you are officially in your glory days of pregnancy. Energy levels will increase and the severity of nausea has almost decreased by this week.

The second trimester is mainly related to your baby’s growth. A lot of changes happening with your baby and this is the right period to connect with the new life inside you. Every day try to spend some time with your baby. Studies said that connecting with the child during your pregnancy may help to form a special mother-child bond.

Keep the hand on your baby and gently rub the belly and think about the new life growing inside, which creates a great difference to you and also your baby.

Symptoms experienced by a 14 weeks pregnant woman:

14 Weeks PregnantWhen you are 14 weeks pregnant, you may experience little gas or any kind of abnormal bowel difficulty, this is because the little one is pushing inside you. You may clearly notice the sensation with an increase in frequency and intensity.

Also, higher levels of iron in your diet can cause constipation, which is very normal in pregnant women. So, to avoid pregnancy constipation, drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

The most common symptoms experienced by a 14 weeks pregnant woman include headaches, dizziness and back pain. If you have back pain during this period, then it will become more intense as you gain more pounds by the end of the second trimester.

Another pregnancy symptom that you experience during this period is water retention. This condition causes swelling of the legs, fingers, ankles, and toes. These symptoms are perfectly normal and even you experience this condition don’t be panic. It will subside within a few days.

The second trimester is the period that you feel more difficult to sleep. With the increase in belly size, it will be uncomfortable to sleep and move when you are on the bed. You can slightly decrease the discomfort by using a pregnancy pillow. Place the pillow under the tummy and in between the thighs.

Physical changes that occur in a 14 weeks pregnant woman:

Day-by-day your waistline becomes thicker and shifts upward. You will experience the condition more when you go through each week.

During pregnancy week 14, you should remember that what you eat and what you inhale can have a great impact on the normal growth of the baby. So, it is recommended to consult your doctor and get the best diet for yourself as well as the healthy development of your baby.

Make sure that the environment you live in is perfectly clean and comfortable. Stay away from the pets and also avoid cleaning the litter boxes as there exist some harmful particles in the cat litter which can lead to severe complications for you and also the baby.

Fetal changes that occur in a 14 weeks pregnant woman:

This week your baby is about 80-89mm in length and weighs approximately 25 grams (0.9 ounces). Baby’s head is now 1/3rd of the baby’s total body length. Baby’s neck continues to grow longer, which means the chin will no longer rest on the chest.

The placenta is completely developed and the rich group of blood vessels is functioning as a life support system for your baby. Maturation of umbilical cord is almost completed. The cord is made up of 3 entwined blood vessels that are covered by fatty layer. The cord contains one large vein, which carries nutrition and oxygen-rich blood to the fetus and the two small veins that carry carbon dioxide and waste products from fetus to the placenta. The placenta is also responsible for the transition of antibodies to the fetus in order to fight against the infections.

Now it is clear that a significant portion of what you eat and what you drink will transfer to the baby including food, alcohol and even drugs. So, make a healthy plan and eat accordingly.

The circulatory system of the baby continues to develop. The baby can swallow the amniotic fluid that can be released in the form of urine. Your baby begins to establish sucking reflexes and exercise the muscles that will help the baby to breath and swallow after the birth.

The facial features are more clearly defined during this week. You can clearly see the facial features such as forehead, nose, and chin more clearly. Toes and fingers are also completely developed and you can clearly differentiate the genitals.

By this weekend, the baby is fully formed and in the upcoming weeks, he/she needs to mature. When you provoke, the baby responds by making active movements, but still, you can’t clearly experience the baby’s kicks.

Pregnancy Week 14What care should be taken by a 14 weeks pregnant woman?

  • From this week, you may experience more frequent periods of back pain. Comfortable footwear, enough rest, sufficient nutrition can help to reduce the pain.
  • You can also consider prenatal yoga that can give great relief from back pain. Pregnancy massage can help to reduce the strain on your back muscles and reduce the pain.
  • Make sure that before starting any physical activity, you need to get your doctor’s approval. Start gradually because practicing strenuous exercises can increase the chance of injury.
  • If you still feel discomfort with constipation, you need to take the diet rich in fiber. Being hydrated not only helps with constipation, but also it helps in improving the skin condition.

Maintain a journal and write down everything you feel and experience during pregnancy. Most women consider it as a means of communication with the baby.

You need to undergo several prenatal tests for the coming weeks. After entering into the second trimester, it is essential to visit the doctor. Ask your doctor about the AFP test, which is performed between 15-21 weeks after your last menstrual period or amniocentesis, which is performed between 14-18 weeks after your last menstrual period.

During the procedure, a needle is inserted from the uterus to collect some amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid gives the most important information about the baby’s health.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 15…


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