17 Weeks Pregnant


— You may experience your baby moves even first-time mothers also

When you are 17 weeks pregnant you may be starting to show. By this time you may have gained approximately between 5-10 pounds. Even you have gained less or more at this time, don’t worry but you need to remember that the total weight gain during pregnancy should be between 25-35 pounds. Weight gain in between this figure indicates that you are going to give birth to a healthy baby.

Soon you will be having another doctor’s visit. The visit usually includes an ultrasound scan and general checkup of you and your baby. This week, there will be more chance to clearly know the baby’s sex. Ask your partner to come along with you for the prenatal checkups, so the dad-to-be may have the feeling of part of your pregnancy.

Are you feeling gas bubbles or little flutters in your stomach? These are your little one’s movements, but you may not clearly feel them. Still, there are many more exciting features happening this week. Read on to know more…

Symptoms experienced by a 17 weeks pregnant woman:

17 Weeks PregnantSometimes, pregnancy can make you feel lightheaded and dizzy. So, you should be very careful about the things you are doing. Falling or injuring at this time will badly affect the baby inside you. Sometimes, it will be serious both for you and your baby.

Some women may experience heartburn while 17 weeks pregnant. As the uterus is growing there will be very less space in the stomach. So, avoid having larger meals and also acidic foods. Sit up right for a while after eating anything. Lying down with a full stomach can make your condition even worse.

Bleeding gums still might be a problem for you because of the increased blood volume and little swelling of the gums.

Edema is another pregnancy symptom that bothers you. In order to provide essential fluids for your baby-to-be, your baby retains higher levels of water. Drinking more fluids and keeping the legs up can help to decrease the swelling.

Physical changes that occur in a 17 weeks pregnant woman:

During this time, few women may start to get off balance. As your belly size increases, your center of gravity will change, which makes you feel a little bit clumsy. You can wear tennis shows or anything comfortable to help maintain your balance. Also, whenever you sit and get up, you need to make the moves gently and slowly.

Your body undergoes several changes when you are 17 weeks pregnant. Some of the physical changes are comforting, such as your full bigger breasts and rounded belly. There are some other physical changes that can cause little trouble to you, but they may last until the child birth.

Another physical change that you may experience from this pregnancy week is stretch marks. As the belly grows, the skin around the belly will stretch to accommodate the growing uterus size. This can lead to the appearance of stretch marks. You can decrease their appearance by taking little care, such as applying lotions rich in vitamin E or vitamin E pills.

When the abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate the room for the growing uterus, you will notice a dark line called linea nigra extending from the belly button to the vaginal area. After the child birth, this line will fade within a few weeks.

Skin pigmentation may become more in certain areas of the body during pregnancy, such as freckles and nipples. Also, you may notice some dark spots on your face and the condition is known as pregnancy mask or chloasma.

Fetal changes that occur in a 17 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 17 weeks pregnant, your baby is about the size of 5 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces. Approximately, the baby’s size is about your palm’s length.

The baby’s little limbs are reached at their relative positions and they continue the growth after this week.

The baby’s ears are developing and they became little functional this week. He/she can actively hear the sounds. The various elements of the baby’s brain are developing to progress senses like hearing, smelling, tasting, etc.

This week your baby’s bones will become stronger and you can slightly experience your little one’s moves. Finger prints and toe prints are also developed this week.

The first bowel movement of the baby called meconium is stored in the colon. Your little one now is able to absorb and digest the amniotic fluid and also stores fat under the skin. This procedure will continue for several weeks. Fat stored under the skin can help to control the temperature after the birth.

From this week, the baby can move all the parts of his/her body and you can clearly see them in 17 weeks pregnancy ultrasound.

Umbilical cord gets thicker and longer with respect to the growing requirements of your baby. When the baby starts moving its body parts, especially hands, he/she tries to hold the umbilical cord and even put it in the mouth and bite it.

For baby boys, the development of prostate will start when you are 17 weeks pregnant. There is a protective layer called vernix is developed surrounding the baby which acts as a membrane.

What care should be taken by a 17 weeks pregnant woman?

Pregnancy Week 17Undergoing a urine test is really important during this time. With the collected urine sample, your body’s blood sugar levels are estimated. Blood sugar test is important to know the existence of diabetes during pregnancy, also called as gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the condition that affects 1-2% of all the pregnant women. With the controlled blood sugar levels, women can have normal pregnancies as well as normal and healthy babies.

As stretch marks are common during pregnancy, you can avoid them by following some useful tips, such as: not gaining too much weight, applying a moisturizer that is rich in vitamin E, applying olive oil or almond oil, or taking vitamin E capsules. Eating a well-balanced diet along with regular exercise regimen can help to avoid stretch marks. It will also help you with postpartum weight loss.

Maintain a journal and include everything about your pregnancy, what you experience and how you feel. Share the thoughts with the little one and enjoy the journey of your pregnancy. Remember that positive attitude of a mother is most likely to influence the positive growth of your baby.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 18…


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