19 Weeks Pregnant


You are only one week away from your pregnancy’s halfway mark!

Finally, you are probably started showing when you are 19 weeks pregnant. Each woman and each pregnancy is different, so even you don’t show or already started showing when compared to your fellow pregnant women, there is no need to worry about it.

Most people, during pregnancy search for magazines with pregnant celebrities in order to make connections with fellow pregnant women.

By now, you are almost well settled into the second trimester and also started feeling much better. You may look even sexier than before. When you are 19 weeks pregnant, most women think that having sex may hurt the growing baby. But, it is not true. Sex can be considered as safe in all pregnancy stages, as long as you have a normal pregnancy.

For most pregnant women, the desire for sex changes during various pregnancy stages, depending on the severity of fatigue, anxiousness, growing belly size, and many other body variations. When you visit your healthcare provider for a 19th-week prenatal checkup, he/she will perform several tests, such as checking the weight, urine test, blood pressure test, and also checking the position of the uterus and baby’s heartbeat.

With each week, there is a considerable increase in your baby’s height. When the baby’s legs are well developed and straightened up, the fetal length can be measured from head to toe instead of from crown to rump. This week pelvic pain develops itself is recognized and this is your body telling you that you are about half way through your pregnancy. There are many more changes happening with you and your baby when you are in pregnancy week 19.

Symptoms experienced by a 19 weeks pregnant woman:

19 Weeks PregnantIf constipation is the problem that still bothers you, then you need to take a look at the supplements and medications you are taking. Iron supplements during pregnancy can make constipation even worse. Ask your healthcare provider to help you come up with other alternatives until your digestive system becomes normal. Drinking a lot of fluids and eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help to decrease the condition.

Occasional dizziness and faintness are common during this period because the increasing uterus size puts great pressure on your blood vessels and thus decreasing the flow of blood to your brain and make you feel lightheaded. Dizziness is also common during pregnancy. Whenever you have such condition, sit or lay down until you feel clear and woozy.

As the ligaments are stretched to support the growing uterus, sometimes it can lead to lower abdominal aches. So, try to get yourself as relaxed as possible and also avoid shifting the positions suddenly as they can produce the pain.

Back pain is also the most common pregnancy symptom with several women. With the increasing uterus size, your center of gravity shifts forward and thus causing additional pressure on your lower back. Don’t lift heavy weights as it can make the condition even worse.

You will notice a slight increase in the discomfort because of the heartburn that is triggered when the uterus pushes up against the belly. Due to this, movement of the food along digestive tract slows down and the nutrients reach the fetus more efficiently.

Physical changes that occur in a 19 weeks pregnant woman:

Most pregnant women experience dry skin as a side effect of pregnancy. To overcome from this problem, it is important to stay hydrated and apply cocoa-based moisturizer. Skin becomes irritated because of accelerated perspiration, so wear light clothes from this week onwards and reduce the consumption of foods rich in sugar as they can make the issue even worse.

You may also experience leg cramps during pregnancy. Muscle fatigue and compressed blood vessels are the most common causes of leg cramps. Leg cramps become more severe during nights. You may also experience numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes. This is a strange sensation, but totally normal. It is the result of swelling of the body tissues pressing on the nerves.

Fetal changes that occur in a 19 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 19 weeks pregnant, the baby is around 10 inches in length and weigh about eight and a half ounces. This size of the baby will be fifteen times greater during the birth.

Your baby is becoming more active by twisting, kicking, moving, turning its arms, and wiggling the toes and fingers.

When you are 19 weeks pregnant, the baby begins to develop brown fat that helps to keep the baby warm once after the birth. When you reach the end of the third trimester, the baby will develop more layers of fat to get protection and to stay warm.

The baby’s skin is still developing and appears transparent and red as the blood vessels are noticeable through it. This week, the development of nerves in the baby takes place that connects the muscles to the baby’s brain.

When you get the 19 weeks pregnancy ultrasound scan, your doctor can clearly see the uterus if the baby is a girl and the testicles if the baby is a boy. For baby boys, the penis can also be clearly identified.

This week there is rapid development in the reproductive organs of the baby and the organs are well organized to uphold future generations.

When you are in pregnancy week 19, the baby’s brain starts to develop pockets to focus in smell, taste, hearing, vision and also touch.

Baby’s kidneys start regular functioning and they produce the urine. Hair growth on the baby’s scalp continues until the birth of the baby.

What care should be taken by a 19 weeks pregnant woman?

Pregnancy Week 19Making pregnancy-friendly exercise regimen as part of your routine can help with healthy development of you and your baby. Also include yoga, meditation, walking, and small weight training workouts as they can greatly help with your heart and boost your overall stamina in this physically tricky period.

A prenatal exercise program can increase your overall flexibility and make you feel less tensed and pain during labor. Also, exercise routine can help with unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy and make your postpartum weight loss easy.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 20…


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