2 Weeks Pregnant

— The period for Conception!

In 2 weeks pregnant women, the uterus is all set to structure a blood-rich lining, which is called as the endometrium. Based on the studies, this is the crucial period when the transformations begin inside the egg. For women who are pregnant, this is the period where their body becomes susceptible to most crucial changes occurring inside it.

Generally, doctors suggest resting during this time and women usually feel sleepy during this period. Hormone changes in your body make you sensitive to the noise, light and also things occurring around you.

Usually, women recognize their pregnancy during the second week of pregnancy and are amazed at the fact when their pregnancy week 1 is already ended.

All this being stated if you’re in 2 weeks pregnancy, here is what you should know:

Symptoms experienced by a 2 weeks pregnant woman:

2 Weeks PregnantDuring this period, you may feel more tired, difficult to breath and more curious about sex as this is the period during which more estrogen and progesterone hormones are produced. Feeling restlessness, moody, experiencing contradictory feelings and crying easily, all these are the symptoms experienced at this time.

Some women also experience implantation bleeding during pregnancy week 2. Bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus. This can be a light period in which pinkish brown colored discharge occurs that is similar to menstruation. If you experience implantation bleeding, there is no need to worry, but if the pain exists more than 48 hours, it is essential to consult your doctor.

Breast size increases and you may feel breast tenderness and also there is frequent urge to urinate.

Physical changes that occur in a 2 weeks pregnant woman:

During pregnancy week 2, uterus lining will become thick and also abundant with nutrients. This makes the uterus a great place for your baby’s growth where the little one gets all the nourishment. Follicle stimulating hormone or FSH, a hormone produced in the woman’s body can stimulate the egg to develop.

During the pregnancy week 2, a woman’s body releases more amounts of HCG. If these are the changes happening to you, make sure to make an appointment with your doctor for positive evidence.

Fetal changes that occur in a 2 weeks pregnant woman:

Now the fetus is 2 weeks older and is functioning overtime and the cells are increasing quickly. During this period, the sex of the baby is decided and the fertilized egg is presently hosting 150 cells. During the second week of pregnancy, these cells are spread into three different layers each growing for a specific purpose, such as endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm.

Endoderm layer: It is also called as endoblast, which is responsible for digestive and respiratory systems of your baby. Also, this layer is responsible for the few most important glands such as the liver, thyroid, pancreas, and thymus.

Mesoderm layer: This layer is responsible for the development of the respiratory system, bones and also cartilage. Also, this layer aids for the development of inner dermis, blood vessels, heart, muscles, genitals, loins, and membrane that covers the baby’s organs.

Ectoderm layer: It is also called as ectoblast that will develop into the baby’s nervous system. This layer is responsible for the brain development and epidermis, which includes hair, nails, and skin.

At the beginning of week 2 of pregnancy, fertilized egg floats freely in the uterus being guarded by nutrients and chemicals developed in the uterus. Egg implantation takes place during the 14 days of your pregnancy. The place where the embryo implants onto the uterus eventually will become as the placenta. The umbilical cord is visible partly and starts its functioning. However, it requires several weeks to begin proper functioning.

Amniotic fluid and embryo are both placed in a location called as “yolk sac”. Amniotic fluid helps to protect the baby and provides the essential nutrients.

If your pregnancy is confirmed, it is recommended to take the other things easy and get ready for the baby to come. At this time, the baby is just about 1-2 mm, however, it is the period when you can determine how well it will be.

What care should be taken during pregnancy week 2?

Try as much as you can to make your pregnancy healthy and safe. Avoid alcohol, caffeine consumption, tobacco, and recreational drugs. Stay away from stressful events, extreme cold or heat, and loud noises.

During this period, a woman is the most responsible person for the overall health of the new life developing inside her. Lifestyle and activities for the next 9 months will decide how healthy the baby will be.

Are there any risks involved during pregnancy week 2?

During this period, there is a great chance for ectopic pregnancy. Generally, for many weeks, ectopic pregnancy may not be recognized. When detected in early stages, it can be cured without any invasive surgery.

Also, this week is the period to determine whether there is a single fetus or double fetus. You should be very careful during this period as the baby is more susceptible to harm. Inside the body, dividing cells undergo most crucial chemical changes so that you should be very careful of your activities and also the nutrition.


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