21 Weeks Pregnant


— You are now entered into the second half of your wonderful pregnancy journey.

Probably, you have already made the transition to some maternity clothes. When the baby is developing normally and maintaining right amniotic fluid levels, you may notice that you need larger jeans to fit into comfortably.

21 Weeks PregnantWhen you are 21 weeks pregnant, you don’t need to wait until the baby arrives in order to begin bonding with the baby. By this time, your body is well accustomed for a new addition in your life and you will observe that various pregnancy symptoms disappear.

Pregnancy fatigue is more manageable now and nausea becomes a distant memory. You may also feel less abdominal and breast tenderness.

When you have 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound scan, your healthcare provider will measure the height of the uterus as it appeared above the pubic bone. Usually, this fetal measurement correlates with your due date.

As a mother-to-be, you are the one to control what is happening to you. Watch your overall health condition and encourage peace of mind as they are the factors that prevent or control the postpartum depression. Still, there are many more changes happening inside you and with the developing baby. Go on to read more…

Symptoms experienced by a 21 weeks pregnant woman:

As compared to the earlier weeks, pregnancy week 21 doesn’t bring any major problems. You don’t have to bother about those irritating pregnancy symptoms you experienced in the first trimester.

Currently, you are in full swing mode of pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women during this period feel pretty good. As this period is considered as the golden period of pregnancy, during this time you need to concentrate on things that improve your wellbeing. Also, this is the week to make bonding with the baby.

In pregnancy week 21, few pregnant women experience mild uterine contractions. Though the uterine contractions are normal throughout a woman’s life, during this period there is greater pressure on uterine muscles. This makes a different feeling than the normal.

Aches and pains are common during this period. Practicing regular workouts can help you to alleviate this condition. Urinary tract infections are also most common during pregnancy. When the uterus increases in its size, you are more likely to develop a urinary infection. To prevent this kind of pregnancy health issue, you need to follow some tips, such as you need to drink more water, urinate after having the intercourse and wash from front to back each time you go to the bathroom.

Physical changes that occur in a 21 weeks pregnant woman:

Instead of growing belly size, this week, there will not be that many noticeable changes in your body.

Few pregnant women notice little discomfort while walking. If you have severe pain or the contractions are accompanied by loss of fluid from the vagina, then you should consult your obstetrician.

Few 21 weeks pregnant women notice that their gums become swollen and bleed. This is because of the increased hormone levels and increased blood flow in your body.

Few women may also notice acne on their face and back. Though it is common during pregnancy, frequent washing and drinking lots of fluids can help with this type of skin problems.

From this week, the severity of backaches will increase more. With your growing abdominal size, the center of gravity shifts and puts extra strain on your back. Also, the hormone relaxin makes your joints and ligaments to stretch and loosen and thus leading to additional pressure on the back. If you can, consider getting a prenatal massage from a trained professional.

Fetal changes that occur in a 21 weeks pregnant woman:

When you are 21 weeks pregnant, your baby is about the size of 12 inches in length and weighs about 16.5 ounces. This size roughly equals the size of a banana.

This week, the baby’s growth slows a bit as there is the development of organs and central nervous system taking place.

The baby’s skin becomes red, opaque and slightly wrinkled, instead of translucent. Baby’s tongue is fully developed and he/she tries to move the tongue.

This week, fat accumulation becomes more rapid and it also started developing fat in the bones. When you get 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound scan, you will notice your baby’s rapid eye movement, which indicates that the baby has adopted a healthy sleep schedule. Baby’s regular sleep and wake cycles become more predictable as the weeks go on and they become more consistent.

During these days, your baby can clearly hear your words. If you talk, read or sing, the baby can hear you clearly. During this time, there are some changes happening in your baby’s digestive system. Baby can swallow more amniotic fluid this week.

For baby girls, the formation of the vagina has completed by this week and has over 6 million eggs in her ovary. This number will be reduced to 1 million by the time the baby comes out.

Baby’s liver and spleen are the organs responsible for the formation of blood cells. Bones are well developed and the spaces in bone marrow are also well developed and lead to the formation of blood cells.

You may notice your baby’s hiccups which are common but unusual. By this time, the baby’s immune system is well developed. Also, there is the production of white blood cells that play a great role in your baby’s defensive system.

During this week, there is slow intestinal contraction and relaxation and your little baby absorbs and swallows the required fluids from the amniotic fluid, which aids in developing the baby’s digestive system.

What care should be taken by a 21 weeks pregnant woman?

Pregnancy Week 21During this week, you may notice an increase in your libido. Pregnant women should remember that having sex with the partner is completely safe when you follow hygiene rules, but showering is recommended before lovemaking.

Regular exercise is very much important as the weeks go on. The regular workout will play a great role in how much your back will hurt and how much pressure is your pregnancy causing on the legs’ blood circulation. Pregnancy yoga, meditation, pregnancy massage, walking, and swimming are the most preferred form of workouts for women during their pregnancy week 21.

Also, you should remember that doing strenuous workouts during pregnancy can make harm to you and your developing baby. So, consulting your healthcare provider is very much essential prior to starting any exercise regimen.

One more thing pregnant women should remember that communicating with the baby is very much essential. Read books and play calm music for your baby.

Have a wonderful journey of the pregnancy!! Go on to know more about the exciting things during pregnancy week 22…


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